Primark Haul – June 2015

Feels like a long time since I did a Primark haul, but that’d be because it’s been a long time since I’ve been to town – As ever, same reason, health is taking its toll and I’ve been stuck in the house a lot. But more, joyful, blood tests early last week meant we were near town, anyway, so Primark seemed like an obvious choice. 

I didn’t buy much because I’ve bought a few pieces of clothing since I put weight on, to give myself some more comfortable things to wear. But I’m now back to losing a bit of weight and feel like I’m in between sizes a bit. That said, I am loving oversized clothing so going to work from the premise that I’ll keep wearing them when I am back down a size, or at least that’s the hope. 

I bought a few tops, whilst I was in the store, they’re all perfect for summer and the warm weather was my justification, even though it’s now gone. I picked up this white, lace, oversized tee for £4 which was surprisingly cheap. I have a few lace tops but they’re all in the far too small section of my clothing so I was really pleased to find something to replace them with (for now). I plan on wearing this with a colour vest top underneath and with skinny jeans. 

This vest top was a bit of a surprise, when I got it home. I picked it up from a pile right next to some lace trim vests, thinking that this was the same style but a different colour. As such I was a bit disappointed to find that it was plain, but I do really like the colour. Weirdly the colour absolutely refused to show up properly, whatever I did with the camera – It’s a deep purple/red colour with a hint of the cool brown tones that you can see in the pic, who knows why it’s showing up like this. Although the lack of lace was a disappointment, this may be the answer to which vest to wear below the lace top. I got this in a size 12 (everything I bought that day was), though I’m thinking I could have got away with a size 10. It was a rather bargainous £2. 
There was a few patterns which I liked on these basic, short sleeved tees, which were all £3, but I opted for this one as it reminds me of the sort of lovely patterns I love to colour in my colouring books. Again, I probably could’ve got away with this in a size 10, but the problem I’m having is if something isn’t oversized, I struggle even more than normal to get them on and off due to the mobility, so over sized things mean I can wear them, even if they’re a little bigger on the torso than they need to be. This is in a blush pink which is showing up paler here than it is in real life, but I like it a lot. 
To say I needed pyjama trousers would be an, absolute, lie but I did need some pyjama trousers in This fabric. If you know Primark pyjamas you’ll know they do a super light fabric which feels fantastic and is amazingly light weight for the summer, these are made of that. I first bought two pairs back when I was pregnant with Ethan (so they’re over 5 years old), I still wear them but they’re getting pretty old, and worn now. I also have a pair that are cream with a floral pattern and they’re still in nice shape so I thought I’d get these to make up for the plain black and grey pairs that are going to go. These have improved massively since I last bought this type, they have many more beautiful patterns and I absolutely love the antique, cream lace detailing on the pockets (yes, I love pj trousers with pockets!). 
So, a mini haul, but I think I picked up some nice things. There was lots of great items in the store but I was a little worse for wear after the blood tests so I wasn’t in there long. Don’t know what I’d do without Primark, these days, all other stores seem So expensive now, haha!

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  1. Emerald Dove June 17, 2015 / 4:17 pm

    Great picks! That first top is gorgeous – perfect for summer. 🙂

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