Adorable new Bing toys by Fisher Price – At The Entertainer

We were thrilled to be asked to review some toys from The Entertainer; as a toy shop I’ve frequented, even before Ethan was born, this was an ideal opportunity. We were asked to try out some of the new Bing toys which have been released to support the books and the subsequent TV series. 
These might, otherwise, have seemed a bit young for Ethan but he’s grown up with the Bing books and loved the tv show so I thought he’d still really enjoy playing with them. As well as that Skye absolutely loves rabbits so I thought she’d like to play with them too.

The first of the two items we were sent was this ‘Bing & Flop’ figure set. The set is £9 and the figures are made of a really nice, good quality plastic so I feel like you’re paying for that quality with these. I really love the details in this set, Bing’s ears are made of fabric and he’s also a ‘bobble’ figure so when he’s set on the table he’ll wobble around which is really rather amusing for little ones (even 5-year-old little ones it seems).

The second item we were sent was ‘Flop’s Car’ which also comes with a Bing and a Flop figure – The figures with this set are slightly different to the previous one as the Bing has bendable legs so that he can sit in the car and Flop is holding a set of keys. 
This set is £15, which I think is great value considering it has the two figures and the car – This would make a lovely birthday party gift as it’s got so much in it. 

Despite the 2+ age recommendation on these toys they are proof that plenty of toys can grow up with a child. Ethan instantly remembered Bing and Flop and thought that the toys were ‘lovely, aww really cute’. He couldn’t wait for me to get them out of the packaging so that he could have a place. 
Initially he was rather amused by the wobbling Bing and he was happy to just sit and nudge him from time to time to keep him going (a slight case of being pleased by small things, maybe? haha). It didn’t take long before he was most interested in the main attraction, though, the car. Car was one of Ethan’s first words and although he enjoys a range of things which would be classed as both ‘boys’ and ‘girls’, if you’re in to the gendered toys thing, cars have been a firm favourite for a Long time! 
He sat Bing and Flop in the front and put the extra Flop into the back and off they went. There’s a little detail in the back which involves a revolving platform, of sorts, which has a picture of food on one side, and eaten food on the other, he had to make this vertical to get Flop in to the back seat but when he got out he flipped it around so that all of the characters could have a nice picnic. 
I love toys that inspire imagination and, after knowing lots of the stories, these definitely did that for Ethan, they went on numerous journeys and seemed to be having a great time out in their car. I can see these being a real hit for littler fans, too, as they’d be great for that really early imagination play that I remember so well. 
The sets are really well made so I think we’ll have these in Ethan’s collection for a long time, for both him and Skye to play with, and then if we’re lucky enough to have another little one these’ll definitely be in the ‘to be inherited’ pile as the quality means they’ll last really well. 

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