Monday, 6 July 2015

Some unplanned radio silence!

Just a quick note to explain why, after getting loads of posts out and getting up-to-date with everything, I've all but disappeared! 

My goodness, we've had a rubbish couple of weeks. The temperature and having had to do a couple of extra legs of the school run mean that I've been absolutely exhausted and really, really run down - This year hasn't been ideal for my health but this past few weeks have been the cherry on the cake for nasty, ick. 

Even more recently Ethan has been struck down with the sickness bug that's been going around, he's been sick for days in a row but then will be fine for 24 hours in between, and then sick again. There's been much resting, lots of washing machine usage and very little laptop usage! 

I do plan on getting some outstanding posts done, but if I'm quiet then please give me the benefit of doubt, I've not given up on my lovely blog, just having a rather tough time at the moment! Hope you're all loving the weather (though maybe not today, today is grey).

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  1. I hope Ethan gets better soon and you get some much deserved rest & relaxation!

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    1. Thank you! I don't want the blog to suffer but unless things improve drastically I anticipate much sleeping hehe

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