Summer ready skin with 7th Heaven (Formerly Montagne Jeunesse) ‘Pineapple Peel-Off’ face masks

I have to say I had no idea that Montagne Jeunesse had re-named to become ‘7th Heaven’, it feels a little odd considering they’ve been the main sachet masks that I’ve known about for many many years, but the new name is nice and there’s no doubting that it’s the same company when you look at the packaging and branding; you won’t suddenly not notice them in the stores!

I was asked if I wanted to trial some of the ‘Pineapple Peel-Off’ masks and I was really pleased because I’ve not done a peel off mask in quite a while, despite having found them really handy in the past. 

These masks are filled with fruity goodness which is great for the skin; the enzymes are an added way to help slough away dead skin cells which are, then, lifted away by the peeling action of the mask. 
The other benefit of this cocktail of fruits is the smell, oh this mask smelled just lovely; just perfect for that tropical summer feeling! Pineapple, as you’d expect, is what comes through the strongest but you do get a hint of the other fruits and I can imagine this would be nice to smell on your face whilst sipping a cocktail (or a fruit juice) on a nice summer’s pamper evening. 

The mask, itself, is a transparent yellow and has a thick gloopy feel to it as you apply, it does take a bit of time to cover the face evenly due to the texture but you’d expect that with any mask of this formula. 
Once the mask is on, though, it feels amazing. Especially in the warmer weather that we’ve had, and with the hot weather we’ve been promised, this mask is so refreshing and really nice and cooling on the skin. It does tighten a little as it dries but not uncomfortably so at all. 
I half expected to look like a member of the Simpsons family with this mask on but, although there’s a slight yellow tint, it barely shows up – It’s probably one of the least offensive looking face masks I’ve used and that’s always good when you have children (haha I’ve freaked Ethan out on numerous occasions with face masks before). 
The mask peeled off in almost one piece, none of this little bits here and there, which can be thoroughly annoying, it has that really satisfying feeling you get when you use this type of mask. Once it’s off your skin might be a little red but only for a couple of minutes (I put that down to the active enzymes). 
I was really pleased with the results of this mask. I do suffer from dry skin and it definitely helped lift those obvious bits but as well as that it left my skin feeling really smooth and soft, I also think that some of my blemishes were a bit less angry afterwards. I definitely need to be using peel off masks more often, though it’s never a good idea to look at them afterwards, haha. 
The masks are £1 on their website, here, and I’ll be keeping an eye out for them in the regular stores that you find these sachets in. I love 7th Heaven masks and definitely want to add to my collection (I feel like it’s always good to have a few in your stash because you never know what sort of mask you’ll want from one day to the next. 

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