Ethan’s Dream Lego home

Well, here I am, at last, to share another post with you. Except I got my dates mixed up and the last entry for this competition was three days ago, so we’ve missed out on a chance to win £150 of Toys R Us vouchers with Ocean Finance (here), absolutely gutted! 

I’ll still share our post with you, though, as we were kindly sent the lego to make the house and Ethan loved building it and deciding which rooms he wanted included. Honestly, I can’t believe we missed the date, I could cry! (Can we call this the first public episode of baby brain?)

But never mind, I think the house that Ethan built is fantastic and I’m sure you’ll agree. I’ll be honest, he did get some help from Daddy with the logistics, but it was based entirely around Ethan’s ideas and the rooms he wanted to incorporate. 

Had to include this absolutely, 100%, totally natural shot of Daddy and Ethan being so shocked and excited at how much lego they had to play with… totally not posed at all (though was very spontaneous, not sure they planned on me actually photographing it).
Daddy helped Ethan lay the foundations, so he knew where the walls needed to go, and then Ethan got going on the wall building, you might notice, later on, that there’s an abundance of pink and purple blocks and this is because Ethan was very very pleased to have got pink and purple pieces as he’s not got many and they’re his favourite colours. 
I asked Ethan, if he could build his own house, what room would he have and he instantly answered ‘A computer game room, a lego room, a bed room’… so that’s what he built. 
Daddy helped out by making a little computer for the storm trooper to play, so this was Ethan’s dedicated computer games room.
We left the side wall off the house so that it’d be good for photographing and also for playing with afterwards. The missing wall gives you the perfect view of the Lego room! 
Similarly, we left the roof off so that it gave good access for playing, as well as photographs. This lego chime wolf/bear…thing, is having a nice chill out in the bed room and when he wakes up he can watch the tv (see the screen at the end of the room?), though Ethan’s very jealous of that as he doesn’t have a tv in his bed room. 
And here’s the house from the outside. It has a door in the front, as well as a window in the side, to make the most of the natural light (of course) and then you may notice it has a rather massive windmill on the front too. This is, simply, because the propeller piece was the most exciting piece, for Ethan, and he wanted to build an aeroplane. Thankfully he made do with including the piece in his house instead. And, before finishing off, he and Daddy decided that the house needed a garden so you can see the flowers, a pond, some fences and a rather small tree. And, because he’s a show off, Daddy made a car too! 
So that’s Ethan’s dream house. It’s funny, really, it shows his priorities in life (and rightly so for a 5yo). I think about my dream house a lot, and it does include a computer games room, as well as a library and some huge, comfy rooms for resting in as well as a huge play room for the small ones. I guess we can but wish! 

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This post was meant to be a competition entry but I, stupidly, missed the entry date. 

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