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I’m not going to apologise for how long it’s taken be to do this post because, if I did, all the coming posts would start the same way and that’d get very boring. Needless to say, getting sent delicious sweets just as your morning sickness kicks in and you can’t eat Anything… torture is one of many words! 

The lovely people at Jealous Sweets were incredibly generous when they sent me 6 different boxes of their jelly sweets to try out. I can’t say I had anticipated much from them, I mean jelly sweets are jelly sweets, right? Actually, no! 

The moment you see the boxes of these sweets you can tell they’re a bit special; from the quality of the card, to the beautiful fonts and the really well thought out branding, these instantly tell you they’re something special. The Magpie logo is in keeping with that ‘jealous’, ‘mine’ theme that the name conjures up, but it also has a really good look about it, with the monochrome contrasting to the coloured panels on the boxes.

As you can see, with the little diamond shapes, each flavour of sweet has its own pattern and this is continued on to the ends of the boxes which makes them easier to tell apart but also just adds that other dimension to the packaging.

And here are the six different varieties I was sent – As you can see the company has, also, attributed a personality to each of their sweets which is rather fun and sets them out against other brands, yet again. 
It took me ages to be able to eat these, some I was able to eat sooner than others, but I’ve finally finished them all (such a hardship of course!) so I can, be totally honest and tell you what I think. 
After finishing the first two boxes I went straight on to their website to see how I could get some more, no word of a lie. I expected these to be a little different from other brands, but couldn’t understand how they’d be That different – Well now I do. The flavours are just so much more natural than other brands, they’re not sticky and chewy/almost plasticy like other brands they have a much nicer bite, and texture to them and the range of sweets is fantastic.

My, absolute, favourite was the Wild Cherries. They had a really interesting jelly-like texture to them, without getting stuck in your teeth, when you bite in to them you don’t hurt your jaw chewing over and over again, they are very unique. And the flavour, so so good, they Actually taste like cherries!

In absolute honesty, though, there wasn’t a single one of them that I didn’t like. I haven’t been able to enjoy sour/fizzy sweets as much during this pregnancy (no idea why) but even those I enjoyed, and the more jelly-like ones were even better.

And when I thought they couldn’t get any better I discovered that they’re vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, contain natural fruit juices and are free from artificial colour and flavours. Now I’m not hugely strict on myself with these things, I eat meat, I eat meat based products and when I eat sweets I’m naughty and don’t check if they’re more natural than others. But knowing that these Are all of those things definitely gives them yet another edge on other big brands. 
And that’s one of many reasons that I think these lend themselves, really well, to Christmas gifts and stocking fillers. Firstly, they’re sweets and who doesn’t want to get sweets for Christmas? But more than that, these are special, they’re not just something you pick up at the corner shop, you can tell how special they are just from the packaging. And, then, on top of that, if you have a vegan or vegetarian friend, and you’re not always sure what to get them, these can definitely fill that gap! 
They are not the cheapest of sweets, at £2.50 for a 50g treat box, and £8.99 for a 200g gift box they’re definitely worth getting as a special treat/gift but my goodness are they good! They can be bought from the Jealous Sweets shop or from various stockists which can be found on the site. If you’re lucky enough to get these over Christmas then I think you’ll be very grateful to that generous gift giver, and they will undoubtedly be rather jealous (see what I did there?) 

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