A delicious, and healthy, snack from Emily Fruit Crisps

I’m someone who likes to snack, and I’ve even been told that I have to snack for medical reasons (Yup!), so any new type of interesting snack is very likely to interest me. Of course, contrary to that, I’ve spent the past few months barely able to eat anything, which is why this post has been a long time coming.
I was sent some bags of Emily Fruit crisps quite some time ago, now, and they’ve sat taunting me whilst I’ve worked my way through extreme sickness, to less sickness but still having food aversions, to no sickness but almost no appetite to… ooh food! (Which is where I am now)

I was sent all three varieties of the Emily Fruit Crisps which includes ‘Crunchy Apple’, ‘Crunchy Banana’ and ‘Crunchy Pineapple’ – All fruits I enjoy in some form or another but was very excited to try in this vacuum preserved, crunchy form.
You can buy the crisps from Ocado, online, or from a variety of stores including Holland and Barrett, Whole foods and more. The 30g bags cost £1.49 which isn’t a bad price when you could easily just have half a bag, use a food clip, and then have the other half the next day.
The biggest draw of the Emily Fruit Crisps, other than the taste of course, is that they don’t have any nasty stuff hidden in there – No preservatives, no additives, no added sugars, no e-numbers and they’re gluten free. Each variety is made with just fruit and a bit of oil, which when you think about it is rather impressive.


I will admit, up front, that I enjoyed all three of these with Pineapple coming first, followed by banana and then apple. The only reason for that being that apple isn’t my favourite of fruits, but I definitely like them a Lot more in this crunchy format. I’m not someone who’ll pick up an apple and just bite in to it, I’ll have it as part of a salad or I’ll have a couple of slices when Ethan has some but it’s not my go-to. These fruit crisps, on the other hand, are delicious and I can see myself picking them up easily, if I had them to hand.


The crunchy banana flavour is one I wasn’t sure about, to begin with. Dried bananas can be one of my favourite flavours, or they can be one of the worst, very much depending on how the process takes place. These, thankfully, were so good. They reminded me, a lot, of the dried bananas you can get in health food sections, except these didn’t have the added sugar that you get from the other variety. As such they’re a little less sweet, but not much at all, the natural sweetness of the banana goes a long way and they were really good.



Lastly, my favourites, the crunchy pineapple. I like pineapple, a lot, but I am someone who really struggles with fresh pineapple as my mouth reacts really strongly to it (I know there’s ways to minimise this but I always seem to be really unlucky). As such, a new way to get the pineapple flavour, but with a different texture, was perfect. As you can see, above, you can tell that the pieces are pineapple, but they dry out in to a really attractive looking crisp when prepared.
I definitely liked all three of these. They reminded me, a lot, of some toddler snacks that Ethan used to love when he was little, except these come in beautiful, grown up looking bags which really appeal to me (and I’m sure to many others too. I can see these being a fantastic way to get fruit in to your diet without the fiddling around with preparation, without worrying about keeping things in date, and also if you’re  someone who struggles with textures, this could really help.

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