Beautiful, personal photo gift ideas from Cheerz this Christmas

Photo gifts are always a bit of a winner, in my mind, for Christmas, they’re personal, usable and also fun. So when Cheerz got in touch and asked me to feature some of their photo gifts I didn’t even hesitate, especially when I saw that they do polaroid style photos (I’ve wanted to get some photos printed in a polaroid style for ages now!) 

Cheerz have a really nice range of items from pretty boxes of photos to magnets and albums to posters, with plenty more in between. As such it was tough to decide on what to try out, but of course polaroid style pictures was a given. I wanted to think of something that’d be a good add on item for gifts, too, which is why I opted for some of their strips, along side the Christmas box. 

The set of strips comes as five strips with four photos on each, I’m only showing 4 of them as two are duplicates as I’m planning on slipping them in to some Christmas boxes that I’m putting together for some people. The five strips cost £6.45 plus £2.45 postage which isn’t cheap but these are so so nicely printed, the quality is outstanding. They have a beautiful shine to them and the clarity is as good with the professional style photos I used, as well as the ones taken from Instagram. 
I love the way these are laid out, just like a strip of photos from a booth – They lend themselves to selfies and silly pics but I think they look lovely with our family snaps and wedding photos too. I think these would look lovely under a magnet on the fridge, or maybe laid out in a frame next to each other. 
This is the beautiful box that a set of photos comes in if you get the Cheerz Christmas box – I think the design is really attractive and it’d be a lovely way to give someone a gift without worrying about wrapping. The set is £12.95 with £2.95 postage and it comes with 30 photos in, but you can pay a little extra to get up to 45 photos instead. 
I went for a wide range of pictures, from some professional ones we’ve had done, family snaps, wedding ones and even some from back when Ethan was a baby. As you can see the quality was great on all of them, again. I was really impressed with the quality of the images as well as the paper that the images have been printed on. And the polaroid effect really does make a lovely change from standard photos. It took a bit of time, with some of the pictures, to get them centred properly, but once you get the hang of how to do it, during the ordering process, it is worth it to get your pictures just right. 
As you can also link up to Instagram and take your pics directly from there I wanted to use some of my Instagram snaps, too, and they came out really nicely in this style, it’s how they were clearly meant to be printed. 
The upload process for both sets of photos was really easy, too, and as I said above you can link directly to Instagram or Facebook, too, which is a really nice feature. 
At the moment we don’t have anywhere to display our pics, so they’re resting happily in the beautiful presentation box. But my long term plan, once we have the wall space, is to have some of them displayed on a string, on pegs, up on the wall – If it looks anything like the image in my head then it’ll be a really nice way to set them up. 
There’s so many gift ideas available on the Cheerz site and their printing quality is among the best I’ve had from any online store so you know you’re going to be giving a good gift, too. I am really impressed with their service and will definitely be looking to get some more polaroid style prints once Oliver is born as, at the moment, he only appears in his scan picture and in an Instagram snap of my bump! 

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  1. Morgan Prince December 7, 2015 / 11:34 am

    What a great gift idea! I'm off to have a look at their site – thanks!

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