Birchbox UK – Unboxing / Review – December 2015

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I did beauty box unboxings, my poor Birchboxes have been feeling unloved as I’ve not been sharing them with the world! Unfortunately, with the pregnancy making me as ill as it has, I’ve just struggled to get going on things like this. But, although I’m still very ow and very run down, I’m finally back on track with my blog which means I want to get back on track with my beauty box posts! 

I was very excited by this month’s box after seeing Birchbox announce that this month’s products were coming in a beautiful clutch bag, rather than the standard box. And, when it arrived yesterday evening, I was as pleased with the bag as I expected And very pleased with the products inside too. If you find yourself wanting to sign up then I’d very much appreciate it if you used my referral link, it will get you £5 to spend in the Birchbox shop, and it’ll get me £5 to spend too! My link is:

And here’s the bag we were sent our goodies in this month – I know we’ve been sent bags before, and they’ve been great, but this one definitely wins out as the best. It’s a, rather nicely made, little clutch in a forest green velver with a leatherette panel and a gold glitter panel. Now, I don’t go out much (or, rather, at all) but I can definitely see this being a lovely way to take your bits and pieces out on a festive night out. I don’t know what I’ll use it for yet, but I’m definitely keeping this one as it’s so so pretty.
There’s a nice selection of products in the bag, too, and you definitely won’t find me complaining about the fact that there’s a lot of cosmetics. I’ve got some closer ups of a couple of the bits, but for those that are covered by this picture, I’ll describe now. 
Firstly, the smallest item in the box, is a foil packet of Roloxin ‘Lift’ which is an ‘Instant skin smoothing masque’. This, wee, 3.3g sachet should give one use, but considering the full size is worth £79, I’d say as far as sample packets go, that’s a pretty decent value. No one is really a fan of foil packets in beauty boxes but I’d, definitely, say that if I am to get one then a mask would definitely be the one thing I’d be ok with as it gives you a representative full use of the product. This is a good item to have for the party season as it’ll help you get ready for that big Christmas bash (look at me pretending I know what I’m on about with all this socialising stuff!).
At the far left of the picture you can see a 60ml bottle of Skin & Co ‘Sicilian Body Gel’ which contains Sicilian orange and olive extracts to make for a refreshing, and moisturising shower companion. As far as shower gels go, the scent really does have a brightening ‘zing’ to it, I almost feel like it’s cleared my head a little just from smelling from the bottle. This is a nice sized sample which could go for a couple of uses unless you totally bathe in the stuff. Its full sized rrp is £15 so  it’s a rather luxury product and definitely worth using to wake yourself up with of a cool winter morning, or before getting ready to go out. 
Lastly, for this picture, just to the right of the shower gel we have a sample tube of Balance Me ‘Congested Skin Serum’ (full size would cost £16). I’ve tried a lot of Balance Me products and I am a big fan, but this is one I’ve not heard of before; I am intrigued though. The serum is made with chamomile, aloe vera and lavender which are all supposed to work together to restore the skin’s balance if you have a break out. You can use it all over the face, preventively, or use it on a break out that’s already occurred. As it’s only a 7ml tube I think I’ll stick to using it on problem areas to see how it fares. 
Next up we have the full sized offering from this month’s box – An ‘Ultra long-lasting lipstick’ in the shade ‘Stiletto’ by Model Co (these come in a set of 3 for £15.50). I have to admit I really don’t need more red lip sticks, especially as I’ve just had a big lip product clear out (and have got another new one in another box!) but I do, really like the formula of the other Model Co lipstick I have, so I may well give this one a go. I know red isn’t for everyone, but you can’t get much more festive, can you.
As you can see the swatch is very pigmented, this isn’t going to be a sheer option, and the shade is a very true red. I quite like that it’s not Too blue toned or Too orange toned, it’s quite neutral so should suit most complexions. 
My favourite item in the box is, probably, this Ciate mini in the shade ‘Antique Broach’. I love Ciate polishes but at £9 for a full size they’re towards the top end of my budget so getting one in a beauty box is always a bonus. And the shade! I love, love, love the shade, the mix of small gold glitters with a rose gold, larger, glitter. I am itching to use this, already. It’s a perfect festive shade but without being too obviously festive, if that makes Any sense; I’d happily wear this all year round. 
Lastly, this is what’s in the Benefit ‘Ultimate Sample Kit’ box which you can see in the main picture. The idea of providing these two samples together is to get yourself ready with the ‘Push-up liner’ sample for your big night out, and then apply the ‘Puff off’ once you’re home and your makeup is off, or the next morning, to help your eyes recover from the party season. I do like getting Benefit samples in the box (especially things like the liner as it’s a proper marmite product by all accounts) but it’s, definitely, even nicer to get two! 
So, I think it’s safe to say, Birchbox has us pretty well covered for the festive season. The bag, alone, is an amazing draw towards getting this month, but even without that there’s a really nice range of products, some higher value and some lower, and they definitely tick a lot of boxes. A real winner of a month for me.
Don’t forget, if you do want to sign up this month, get £5 in the shop for both yourself and me by using my referral link:

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