Ethan’s bedroom Make over

Ethan’s room has had issues with damp for a while now so, some time back, he had to get moved in to the spare room as it was too bad. We’ve since got a good dehumidifier, which helped stop it coming back before my Mum was able to decorate, and now that she has decorated she used as many damp proofing paint type products as possible to help prevent it coming back. He’s also got a bigger radiator which will, hopefully, help a lot. 

Previously his room was a yellow toned cream with a Humphrey’s corner border, it had been that way since he was a baby (again decorated by my DIY savvy Mum). So with the damp meaning new decoration, we decided it was time to get his room looking more grown up and, my goodness, it really does. 

The biggest changes, in the room, are the wall colour and the new wall paper which he absolutely loves. We went for a slightly mushroomy/grey toned shade which has a really great look to it and goes really well with his wallpaper as well as looking much more grown up than the cream he had before. I think it’s safe to say that his room will grow with him, he loves it now but I know this will suit him even as a teen and I also know of adults who have this wall paper in their room or living room. You can get the Marvel Comic wallpaper from Wilkinsons for a really reasonable £8 a roll – We only used one roll because we thought that it’d look better on a smaller wall so as not overpower the whole room. 
We also got his bedding from Wilkinsons but that was last Christmas and they don’t do it any more. If we were to get another set we’d probably pick this Marvel one instead (this post isn’t sponsored by Wilkos, and we paid for all of this ourselves, haha, we’re just fans of their home wares it seems). 
Lastly, for items in this shot, Ethan’s had the Avengers black and white cushion for a while now. Well, I say he has, it was actually mine from a Shabby Geek Box, but I just knew a little boy who’d love it and, amazingly, it’s ended up fitting perfectly with his bedroom. 
My Mum also found this fab lamp shade which goes really well with the theme, which was £14 from B&Q. 
Due to needing to keep ventilation around the front facing wall, which is where the damp was, we’ve had to rearrange the furniture, which has left a gap for storage boxes (with a ‘no pushing up against the wall rule). I am absolutely in love with these Lego storage boxes which I picked up from APlaceForEverything. They’re not a cheap option but the stacking feature is great and they fit an awful lot in them. I think they go really well with his room and, again, will grow with him.
There’s still a lot of organising that needs to be done, to finish neatening up his room, his book cases are just a little cluttered but that’s what happens when you have such an impressive book collection at his age (A good number of these are my old book, and books from family friends as well as ones we’ve picked up ourselves, we just can’t turn down books!). Ethan has three full shelves of books (and a few more to find space for) and then the very top left shelf is ready for when Oliver is born, he’s got lots of Ethan’s old books ready for him, yay. 
And, because it’s so cool, this is Ethan’s Pop Vinyl shelf. They currently live in front of his bed-time story books but I have no idea where the ones he’s getting for Christmas will go. He has two more Star Wars ones coming from us, and then three superhero ones coming from Chris so we’re going to have to find a good place for them. (Yes, Darth Vader’s head may’ve been twisted, the Star wars pops are bobble heads but he’s used to his Transformers ones which have twisty heads, so we need to fix his head back a bit more). 
And that’s Ethan’s new room. His Ikea (stuva) furniture is a wee bit brighter than we’d put in there if we were buying now, but it’s fab either way, plenty of storage space. That said, I have no idea where any of Oliver’s things will go but we’ll deal with that as and when! 
Ethan loves his new room and he’s loving having his own space to play in again. It’ll be great once Oliver’s born as lego will be able to stay in the bedroom and make it easier to avoid the risk of baby + lego. 

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