Glossybox UK – Unboxing / Review – December 2015

When I saw that the December Glossybox a collaboration with Really Ree, And is a ‘Rose Gold edit’, I was very very excited. I’m well on the rose gold band wagon, I absolutely understand why everyone’s mad for it, and Really Ree is a blogger I’ve been reading for a few years now, she’s someone I read really regularly – What a perfect combination!

And, oh, they didn’t disappoint. I’ve been getting rid of old beauty boxes recently, there was just a few too many, but I am definitely keeping this one as the metallic, rose gold finish is so so pretty. And the pretty doesn’t end there, even inside the box the details are just right. 

As you can see even the ribbon is a beautiful pink with a goldish hint to it, and then the Glossybox logo, inside the box, is in a rose gold too. No skimping on the details this month!
And here’s the contents, a rather impressive contents in my opinion too. A very nice mix of cosmetics along side some skin care which is rather suitable for this time of year. 
First, for skin care, we have a sheet mask by Starskin. This is a brand I’ve not heard of before but the mask sounds really interesting. There were four different masks, as possibilities, and I got the ‘calming’ version which I’m quite happy with as my skin could always do with some calming products. Each mask is said to hold 30ml of product, which classes as a whole bottle, which is a rather impressive figure! I’m looking forward to trying this one out and can imagine many of us need some facial pampering with the weather being as cold as it is. A full size of this is £8.50. 
Next up we have the Hylamide ‘Pore Delete’ which is a rather intriguing product. It comes in a little dropper bottle, looks a bit like eye drops, and it goes on at an interesting point in your routine – If not wearing makeup then it goes on last, but if you are wearing makeup then you pat this in over the top of foundation, but before powder. I’m very interested to see if this stands up to the promise to minimise pores, mattify and blur because, if it does, that’ll be rather impressive. A full size of this one is £18 so this is a good value sample. 
Yet again we have another impressive product, value wise, though I’m a little confused by it, it’s not listed as full sized on the leaflet but on the Etre Belle website the full size is listed as 10ml and the size in the box is 10ml. If this is, indeed, a full size then it’s worth £14.46 (though the leaflet says £30.66. 
But, anyway. This roll on is said to soothe and hydrate delicate skin which is perfect for those bitingly cold days, and nights, that have rolled in recently. I like a good roll on so am looking forward to trying this out. 
The first of the cosmetics items is this liquid lipstick in the shade ‘Show Off’ by Essence. I really like Essence so was pleased to see one of their products in the box, though the shade is possibly a bit more in your face than I’d normally go for – Definitely good for party season though!
As bright as it is, I’m definitely going to try wearing this as it’s a very very pretty colour and I like the look of the formula, a lot. This is a full size and it’s worth £2.50.
Next up, for the makeup, is this ‘Statement Skin’ highlighting pencil from So Susan. I’ve tried various So Susan products, from boxes before, but I think this is already my favourite, it’s very very pretty. 
As a full sized item this is worth £15, which does seem a lot for a pencil this small, but I think that a little goes a long way with something like this so it should last a really long time. 

The pencil gives a really rather beautiful champagne glow and it applies to the skin really nicely, I’m very much looking forward to trying this one out. 
Lastly, for the box, we have a full sized nail polish from Collection – I’ve seen a few different shades, in people’s boxes, but I’m really happy with the shade I got, ‘Touch of Glamour’ which is a nice subtle, fine gold glitter, with a brighter pink medium sized glitter. It’s very very pretty and I’m already wearing it (Will try to Instagram it tomorrow) – These nail polishes are worth £2.99. 
I am very happy with how this box fits with the theme and also suits the festive season, the balance of skin care and cosmetics is perfect and I’m really pleased that there’s a mix of higher end and high street products as it means that if I love something I can afford to re-purchase some of them. A very, very good box for this month. 

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