My Nyx Butter Gloss collection – 7 Shades with swatches

A couple of days ago I showed you a little haul in which I bought three, new, Nyx Butter Glosses and I promised that I’d do a post to show you my whole collection, with swatches. So here it is! With three new glosses, and the four I already had (well, five, but I lost my original Tiramisu) I have a collection of 7 shades.

I had arranged these in to some semblance of shade order but, in the end, I had to rearrange them in to whatever order meant that they didn’t keep rolling away – The joys of photographing things that just don’t want to stay still.

From left to right we have – ‘Tiramisu’, ‘Vanilla Cream Pie’, ‘Eclair’, ‘Apple Strudel’, ‘Angel Food Cake’, ‘Cherry Pie’ and ‘Peach Cobbler’.

And the swatches are in the same order – ‘Tiramisu’ is just the perfect nude shade for me, I love it, and I love the slightly dusky pink of ‘Vanilla Cream Pie’ though I haven’t tried it on my lips yet. ‘Elciar’ is a bit too pale pink, for me, and I almost considered not keeping it when I did my big clear out but I love this formula so much that I decided to keep it. Again, ‘Apple Strudel’ isn’t the most perfect shade for me but I do still like it. The thing to remember, with all of these, is that their sheer nature means that the natural pigment of the lips alters them slightly and with both ‘Eclair’ and ‘Apple Strudel’ they’re much nicer on the lips than they are on my super pale skin.

‘Angel Food Cake’, on the far left, is my joint favourite shade and I love it as a slightly more plummy tone, especially for A/W. I don’t wear a lot of reds, but when I do a sheer red is much easier to wear than a massively pigmented one, which is why I love ‘Cherry Pie’ and ‘Peach Cobbler’ is just the perfect summer shade, for me, with it’s sheer orange/coral.

So, that’s my collection. I love these so so much that I’m sure I’ll add to it, again, but considering I’ve found the perfect two shades it might take a while before I find something else that I love enough to buy (I should probably enjoy the ones I already have).

These can be bought from the Nyx site, of course, and now they are available at Feel Unique too which is great as they do free delivery over £10. 

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