Party Picks and Year Round Basics from Shoe Zone

This is another post which has taken far far longer to get written than originally intended – Back when I first got these shoes I was so sick I could barely get off the sofa without setting my tummy off, once I started getting better from that, my feet were all swollen and uncomfortable so shoe posts weren’t exactly ideal… Yes, pregnancy really is so glam! But I’ve decided to put it together now, regardless, sore feet or not!

Rather than the shoes I was sent from Shoe Zone being Summer picks, I’m now looking at one pair as a more dressed up option (though still very simple) and one as year-round staple (Which just happen to be in a very a/w suitable colour!)


Now, these Pinky nude ballet slippers might not be everyone’s idea of party shoes, but for me they’re exactly the sort of thing I’d pair with a nice dress over the party season. I can’t wear heels and my sparkly/glitter shoes are saved for really, really dressed up times. These are my pick for a party where you want to be comfortable, but also pretty.

I love the pink toned nude of these, and the lacey pattern. I do think they’re more spring/summer picks, but then the lace/crochet pattern does look a lot like snowflakes so maybe it can be swung that way.
As you can see, just about, I am wearing these with jeans in the pic and I think they work beautifully as casual shoes as well as dressed up shoes (these are actually a lot like my evening shoes for my wedding, I had more dressed up ones for the day time and then ballet pumps like these for the evening). Unfortunately these, particular, ones aren’t available on Shoe zone any more but you can check out their range of ballerina pumps for other ideas, or they have a fab party section for those who’re a little more daring than me and can wear heels.
The second pair of shoes, which I think are pretty perfect for all year round are these Lilley Purple Lace up canvas shoes – These are still available, in a few sizes, and are £7.99 which is a bit of a bargain.
I love the shade of purple, with these, and I think it works in any season. I also, really like, the canvas style of shoes, though I do struggle with the laces so I am thinking about getting some elastic laces to go in them (honestly, an absolute life saver for anyone with mobility/dexterity issues).
These are perfect for every-day wear as they have a great, casual feel to them but still look nice and go with a lot of outfits. They also have them in a turquoise colour which I really, really like.
I’m always amazed that a store as affordable as Shoe Zone has free delivery, on their site, but they do and it’s something that always makes me come back to them because I can’t stand shelling out loads for delivery when there’s a better option.
There’s so many lovely pairs of shoes on there at the moment, as well as comfy slippers and winter essential-wellies, so I’d really consider checking them out as the weather gets cooler and we need to keep warm and dry.

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