Pregnancy Friendly tea choices from Tick Tock Tea

The last post that I’m behind with, phew! This was another product that was sent to me at the worst possible time, in terms of when I was sick (I had no idea it was coming so it was a lovely surprise, apart from the sickiness!)

On the other hand, it’s the perfect pregnancy product, so now that I am less sick I’m really pleased I’ve been able to try it.


When you’re pregnant there’s so so many things that you’re not allowed to have, and a good number of things that are ok within moderation. I, of course, am the awkward person who’d been craving coffee (moderation), pate (no no) and wine (some say yes, some say no, I’m erring on the side of safety).
Obviously I’ve had to avoid the pate altogether, but I am planning on gorging once the baby is born! Wine, I’ve discovered alcohol free wine which is really rather nice (I’m not a big wine drinker so if you are you might not like it as much as I do) and, with coffee, I’m having the odd cup from time to time and being even more careful with the rest of my caffeine intake on the days that I have some.
In steps caffeine free teas! In my last pregnancy I really enjoyed caffeine free regular tea but, this time, not so much. So when Tick Tock sent me this Vanilla Chai, made with Rooibos, it was a fantastic opportunity to enjoy a hot drink, without the worries of what it’s adding to my daily caffeine intake.
I’ve been drinking it without milk, as that’s how I take my tea, but I’ve been tempted to try it with milk, too, as years ago when I used to drink chai drinks I used to have them with milk and it was delicious.
The tea bags have a really strong smell so, at first, I was a little worried. But I needn’t have been, it really is rather good. It has the gentle spice of chai, but with the sweetness of vanilla to balance it out and it made for a mellow, but tasty drink which made a real change from the standard caffeine free tea.
Tick Tock, also, sent me a couple of their free sample packs of their Redbush tea and their Earl Grey made with Rooibos. I’ve not tried either of them, yet, but I think I’ll be indulging in some Earl Grey, soon. Earl Grey is a type of tea I really enjoy, normally, anyway so I’m hoping that this caffeine free version might help me touch my desire for tea.
You can get Tick Tock tea from their website for £1.99 a box of 40, or from various supermarkets for the same price/size, and for £3.49 for an 80 bag box. It’s nice that the boxes are so affordable, as speciality teas are often more expensive. If the Earl Grey is as good as I’m hoping then I may invest in a box.

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