Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Set the mood this Valentines day with House of Fraser's Home fragrance

Valentines day is getting near and it might be the time to start making plans for any celebration you're thinking of with your significant other. Or if you're single, of course, you might want to enjoy a night at home with some indulgent you time, and that requires planning too! You might have your heart set on a big night out but if, like me, nights in are more you bag there could  be little details that you've not thought of that'll help create the perfect mood for that romantic night in.

Monday, 26 January 2015

Demeter Fragrances finally come to the UK as 'The Library of Fragrance'

It's not really big news, now, they've been here for a while but I'm still really excited that we have 'The Library of Fragrance' here in the UK, now. I was told about Demeter Fragrance Library a couple of years ago but with them being from across the pond I never had a chance to get hold of any - So when I discovered that they were going to get their own incarnation over here I was very very pleased.

Not only that but I was given the chance to pick one of the fragrances so that I could write about it for you! When I knew they were coming here, that was exciting enough, but to be writing about them for you is even better. That said, the challenge was set, how on earth was I to pick just one?!

Monday, 19 January 2015

'The French for Christmas' by Fiona Valpy - A Book club review

Before I start, yes, this book is about Christmas - I did get sent the e-copy of the book, from the lovely Bahlsen book club, before Christmas and I think I finished it a couple of days before that big and crazy day but... well you may have noticed my, almost two years, of posting daily (or as close to) has stopped. I've been taking a break, re-evaluating and trying to work out how to approach the year that's ahead of us (more regular posting will return).

Shouldn't I have been pushing to, at least, get this post up closer to Christmas? I thought that, at first, but once I finished reading it I realised that I didn't need to, at all, this book has the word Christmas in the title, it has Christmas as a main theme but it, most definitely, doesn't have to only be read at Christmas time.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

My Nails Inc Sale haul - Oh the bargains!

Just wanted to share my Nails Inc sale haul with you because I got some Amazing bargains. Sadly a few of the things are out of stock, now, as things took a long while to arrive, but I took a look at the sale earlier and there's still some pretty amazing bargains to be had, well worth taking a look.

As well as this, due to it being delayed by quite a lot. Nails Inc were kind enough to send a full sized 'Kensington Caviar - 45 Second Top Coat' which I think is really good of them, there's companies out there who've had delays but aren't even apologising. Very very nicely done Nails Inc.

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Birchbox UK - Unboxing - January 2015 'Women's Health special'

It's that beauty box time of the month again! I've actually got some other boxes which I've not posted, yet, and I'm not sure if I will. I've cancelled one and am going to stop getting the other too - Both boxes are still good but they don't excite me as much and I, simply, just don't have the funds anymore. I am going to try and keep getting Birchbox for a bit longer, but we'll see how that works out, depending on finances.

I heard a bit about this box, before mine arrived, people had said it was an ok box but not amazing. I actually quite like mine, there's a few things I'm not massively excited about but that's, mostly, because they're duplicates. That said, they're duplicates for things that are really, rather, good so it's not a complaint as much as just being a shame to not get something new (but how long can we expect to get new stuff when we sub to boxes for a long time?)

If you enjoy the box, like I have, and you want to subscribe then you can use my code: The code will get you £5 in the birchbox store, and it'll get me the same. It's also worth keeping an eye on special offers as they often have them and you can pick up some great goodies, or get some money off.

Anyway, to the box! 

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Makeup Revolution - The I ♥ Makeup 'Naked Chocolate' eyeshadow palette (with swatches!)

There's a number of new, exciting, Makeup Revolution launches happening at the moment (I mean when isn't there?!) and I'm lucky enough to have been sent one of the new ones to be able to show you today; one of the ones from their sister brand I ♥ Makeup!

Now, I think it's safe to say, a lot of you were fans of the Chocolate style palettes that I ♥ Makeup released a while back; the post I did was, in fact, one of my most popular Makeup Revolution/I ♥ Makeup posts for being google searched because people love that palette So much!

As such I think plenty of you are going to be excited to see this gorgeous, new palette, just as I was, the 'Naked Chocolate' palette:

My year in Books - In 2014 I read 117 books!

I think it's safe to day that I smashed the 50 books in a year challenge in 2014, I read a lot of books! I sometimes go through phases where I don't read as often, which did happen last year, but for the most part I was devouring books like there was no tomorrow.

With the Fibro reading is one of the few things I can do as long as I'm not too exhausted (This has led to me falling asleep with my finger on my kindle screen and doing silly things in the past), I still struggle to get in to comfortable positions but with my kindle it's not too intrusive and I find it easier to focus on than I do with anything else - It's the least demanding thing I've found to do, thus far. There are days when I simply can't read but, thankfully, the days that I can read give me plenty of chances to indulge in my favourite past-time.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Welcome in 2015 with a New Years Giveaway - Win a £60 voucher

Hello lovely people and Happy New year, welcome to 2015! 2014 is officially behind us and whether or not you're wishing it a fond farewell, going to miss it or a mix of the two, we've all got a whole year of possibilities in front of us, yay! One of those possibilities is a chance to win an amazing prize in a group giveaway that I'm taking part in with some very lovely other bloggers. Say hello to:

So, what's up for grabs? What exciting prize have we got for you? Well that would be a fantastic £60 All4One gift card, which is accepted at a whole host of shops including; Amazon, Argos, Boots and John Lewis just to name a few! So you could grab yourself a new outfit, kit out your home with some decorative items, or perhaps treat someone you love - the choice really is yours.

So to be in with a chance of winning you just need to answer the following question:
What's you one wish for 2015?

And of course we would all love it if you could give us a follow as well!

As always, enter via the Rafflecopter widget below - Answer the question and then a variety of other options will become available to you - Good luck!

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