My first ever Treat Box from ‘Not Shabby Very Chic’ – The January 2016 unboxing / review

This post has taken longer than I’d planned, to go live, simply because it’s been a tiring couple of weeks and resting has been a priority. But I still wanted to share this with you as the boxes are a really lovely thing, and well worth checking out. 

I can’t remember, exactly, how I first heard about ‘Not Shabby Very Chic’ but I think they may have come up as one of those sponsored ads on Facebook. I saw their December, Christmas, Treat Box and really wanted to order it but it was already out of stock. It didn’t take me long to decide that the January box would be a good idea, instead. 

The Treat box is £12.95 for a one off box, £12 for a monthly subscription or you can save a little more by taking out a 3 month or 6 month subscription. I went for the one off box, for mine, as I didn’t know how I’d feel about it, but I’m tempted to use some Christmas money to get a few more boxes, I’m not sure; torn. 

By the time the box arrived, in early January, I had totally forgotten that I’d ordered anything so, when it got here, it was such a lovely surprise. Everything came packaged in a big, flat, box, wrapped in tissue paper. Everything coped. just fine, during the delivery process/

I’ve tried to group things. a little, to make photographs more easy. The first group being, as you can see, stationery. I think the first thing I noticed, upon opening the box, was the cute little strawberry themed sticky memo notes – These are great for if you use a planner or if you are studying as they’re going to stand out really well. If you don’t do either of those things I’m sure you could still find a way to use them as they’re adorable. 
I think that the 2016 pocket sized diary is a great addition to a January box; very in keeping with the new year side of things. I really like the design of mine and it’ll live in whatever handbag is my current one at any one time. I know we all tend to use our phones, these days, but I think it’s a shame that we don’t use physical diaries too, so I shall attempt to keep using this. 
To the bottom of the photo you can see the rather amusing little note pad, featuring an elephant and entitled ‘Wild Ideas’ – I love note books so that was always going to be a winner for me. And, to pull it all together is the pack of ‘To do’ pencils which are a perfect finish to the stationery section. 

Next up we have the more lifestyle/accessory type things. I really like the mix between the types of items you get in the boxes, it was a definite bonus for me. 
I’m not normally someone who gets things with cutesy slogans but I thought that the coin purse/mini makeup bag that came in the box with the ‘Glitter Runs Through my Veins’ quote was rather sweet and, when I’ve finished this post I’m off to get it out and fill it with most of the change from my main purse as I want to have some in my bag for the hospital in case I need to go to vending machines or the likes. 
Tea Pigs are a brand who I’ve had loads of samples before but, still, never actually tried them despite having heard amazing things; I’m silly like that. I’ve not got any of their Peppermint flavour in my ‘to try’ samples so I’m happy to have this to add to the collection. 
Again, with the slogans, the unicorn magnet isn’t something I’d necessarily have picked up, myself, but I think it’s so cute and it’s definitely on trend with the sorts of things that I see other’s sharing/enjoying. And, lastly, there’s a wax burner melt in the scent ‘Cotton Blossoms’ by the brand Lolly Rocket which has an incredibly refreshing smell to it. If it lasts for the 50 hours that it claims then I’ll be really impressed.

Lastly we have a print and a postcard. The print is on slightly better quality, thicker card so I can see this being nicely framed or going up on the wall easily. As you can see, the post card has the same unicorn slogan as the magnet and would be a lovely message to a friend or could definitely be good up on the wall, too. 
All in all, for £12.95 I think that the box is good value for money. Beauty boxes have become rather samey so it’s really nice to have something a bit more different, that’s affordable and good value. These are a nice gift to yourself or as a gift to someone else – I’m definitely a fan, now to decide whether or not to get any further boxes (I am very, very tempted!). 

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