Our Christmas, 2015, a quick glance

I hadn’t planned on totally disappearing around Christmas but it seems to have just happened; it’s been busy and tiring and a lot of ow, but we had a lovely Christmas none the less so I just wanted to share a little of it with you all. 

The beautiful advent calendar that my Mum made for Ethan. 

Certain things about this year were the same as ever, namely the gorgeous decorations which my Mum has been collecting for many many years, and the craziness that is having a small person over the festive period. But it was also a pretty different year, too. My Mum and her husband went down to Devon this year as, unfortunately, his Dad is really unwell and, so they wanted to spend time with his family so it was going to be just Azii, Ethan and I. As it happens, we made some rather last minute plans and had an extra guest in the form of my best friend who we’ve not seen at Christmas before (waking up to find him here on Christmas morning was quite the fantastic surprise for Ethan as Chris is one of his favourite people). 

We had the most fuss free Christmas dinner that we could manage which meant my Mum made us pigs in blankets the night before which we threw in the oven along with frozen roast potatoes, pre-made stuffing balls and yorkshire puddings and chicken cooked in the microwave – It meant that Azii was able to do a lot and there wasn’t so much pressure on me as I just can’t do proper cooking due to my health. It was Good, though we did slightly overdose on meat. 

We had a nice, quiet day, with just a small visit from my Nan, ‘Tops and Uncle in the morning for a cup of tea and Ethan’s presents. The rest of the day was spent playing with new toys and watching Christmas things on the tv. It was probably the most chilled Christmas ever and you won’t find me complaining at that. 
We were all very lucky in the gifts we were given, Ethan especially, but I’m not going to bombard you with gift pictures as you don’t need to know the minute details. I have got some pics of some of the things which I think you might find interesting but, to be honest, everything we got was really thoughtful and it was hard to pick just a few to share with you. A lot of people went above and beyond and were really very kind.

There was no careful, slow, consideration of gifts for Ethan this year, he ploughed through the opening part in no time at all and then actually started to pay more attention afterwards. He got lovely new Batman pyjamas, all kinds of Star Wars related toys, Pop vinyls, books, dvds, hot wheels and so many fantastic things – He’s been a really lucky boy and it’s been really nice as he’s played with loads of his new things already. 
I had to include these as they were a super spoonie-friendly gift which was such a nice thought. These were sent all the way from Germany, from Azii’s best friend and his family, and they’re individual tens machines which I will be making plenty of use of once the baby is born and I’m allowed to use them. 

These are the gifts from the children – I got a colouring book from Skye, makeup made of chocolate from Ethan and a bird cage necklace from Oliver (very clever of him to get me a present before he’s even born!). 
This is another of my Mum’s makes which is why I had to include it. She has decoupaged me this lovely little decorative shelf and I absolutely love it. Not sure what I’ll use it for but it’ll go up once we have a usable room. 

This one had to be included because my Mum managed to get me a book that I don’t have! If you have ever read my reading list posts you’ll know that getting me a book I’ve not already read is a pretty big deal. Also the slippers are the warmest, comfiest slippers I’ve ever had and I live in them now – Another pair of very spoonie-friendly gifts. 
As I’ve said, though, everyone really treated us this year. I had a gorgeous photo frame from my sister, some lovely gifts from my Step Mum and Dad, loads more fantastic things from my Mum and Chris was very naughty and bought me much more than we agreed on. But I don’t want to make the post too picture heavy. The main thing that I got, from most people, this year, was money as most people don’t know what to get the pregnant person, and in all honesty, I’d have no idea what they could’ve got for me either. 
And I had to include this adorable decoration as it’s Oliver’s first ever Christmas gift – It’s from his Nanny (Azii’s Mum) and it was already up on the tree after I opened it as it’s just so sweet.
I hope you all had as lovely a Christmas as we did. I didn’t feel particularly festive this year but I’m already feeling a bit sad to be leaving it all behind – It’s been nice to have less to worry about, more time just spent with people and some lovely times with Ethan. He’s back at school, already, which does mean I get a bit of a break and some more quality time with him in the afternoons but I always struggle when he goes back. 
But here’s to 2016 and all of the flipping fabulous things it’s bound to hold. 

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