The January 2016 Look Incredible Beauty Box – Unboxing / Review

I don’t know if you saw my post, last month, for the December ‘Look Incredible‘ box (if not, you can check it out here) but if you did, you’ll know why I was so excited to be sent the January box to take a look at. I knew, instantly, once I saw it, that I’d have to share this one with you, too, as my goodness it’s as full of exciting brands as last month’s was! 

The box sells for £18.99, on the Look Incredible (new name!) site, which is more than some of your more standard boxes, but when you consider that you’re getting premium brands and all full sizes, I expect you’ll understand the sightly higher price tag. I’m not going to do any more rambling because I’m tired and you probably just want to know what’s in the box! (I will apologise for a lack of swatches, this month, taking pictures was so painful that swatches had to go by the way side, but I think the products speak for themselves). 

You would be correct in thinking that there’s two Bare Minerals products, a Laura Geller Product, an Essie product and a YSL product in this picture… just take a moment to consider, all of this for £18.99. 
This month’s box is, again, predominantly makeup which is something you’ll never hear me complaining about. The first item is the Bare Minerals ‘Flawless’ mascara which is one I’ve not heard of before but am happy to add to my collection. I’ve been good and not opened it yet as I have so many mascaras on the go at the moment that I just don’t want to open another one and have to start using that one too. Mascara is always handy to get in a box, though, as almost everyone uses it and when it’s from a brand like Bare Minerals you’re definitely getting a more luxury product too. 
The second Bare Minerals product is this ‘Redness Remedy’ which is what was in the box. I class this, almost, as two products as it comes with the lovely brush which you can, of course, use with any products you so wish. 
The Redness Remedy claims to do exactly what the title suggests – It’s said to reduce redness on contact but also to continue doing so over longer term usage. I’m rather intrigued by this product, as my skin ages I get more broken capillaries and uneven skin tone so this is, exactly, the sort of thing that I need. I’m rather interested to try this out and see if it helps balance out my skin tone as well as brightening it. And I also really love the brush, it feels like an amazing quality and is so soft! 
Back to the makeup and we have an Essie polish in the shade ‘Steel-ing the Scene’. Now I love Essie polishes and, equally so, I love muted gold shades and that’s exactly what this one is. It’s definitely a gold but it’s not a bright, yellowy gold, it’s more muted. I really, really like this shade and cannot wait to get it on my nails. I, also, think it’s the sort of shade where it’d suit a lot of people rather than there being a crazy colour in the box that only some people will like – A good choice. 
I don’t own much in the way of Laura Geller makeup, in fact I think everything I have owned has been from subscription boxes, so to get a blush in this box was rather a nice surprise. The blush is called ‘Mauve Mocha Latte’ which, I think, is a rather fitting name. 

The pinky tones, in this, didn’t really want to show up too well in photographs but I think you have a good idea of how it looks. It’s a lovely mauve but probably a little more on the brown side. I think it’ll make for a gorgeous, flushed, winter look or, for some, it might be good for more of a matte bronzer shade (very much depending on your skin tone). I like the added detail of the coffee beans embossed on the top, though couldn’t tell you why that appeals (I’m just easily pleased, it seems!) 
I think this was probably the thing in the box that excited me the most simply because I’ve never owned an Yves Saint Laurent product before and, well, that’s a pretty exciting thing to get for the first time! 

I remember having seen these around, before, but if you haven’t then this is one of the ‘Lip Twins’ – Basically you twist one end of the pretty, pretty tube and the mirror moves away and you get a satin lip product, you twist again and get a super sheer shine product. 
Neither of them is very pigmented, they’re more like a tinted balm, but they’re rather lovely shades and I think the idea is that you put one over the top of the other but I think the satin product would be nice as a very subtle hint of colour, on its own, and the shine product would go nicely over a number of things. 
Sorry for the weird angle, the thing kept rolling away. This is the nice, neutral, mauve shade. I really like it, it’s very very subtle but for something easy to wear it’s really nice. 

And the purple shimmery/shine shade is a whole lot less scary than it looks, honestly. It’s very very sheer and just adds a slight hint of colour and a nice amount of shine. 
And that’s the box. For the price, and the range of brands included, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s rather an amazing offer and an amazing box! 

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