Is it worth completing online surveys?

Hi, I’m Emma and I blog over at From Aldi To Harrods, all about living cheaper and making extra money. One of the first things people consider when they are looking to boost their income is to complete online surveys. However, they can be tedious to complete and sometimes the earnings aren’t worth it. So is it worth completing online surveys?

Why complete online surveys

Companies are regularly conducting market research to help them design new products or market their existing products. This information is so valuable to them that they are willing to pay to get this information from all sorts of people. This means that there is the potential to make some extra money from completing surveys on your laptop, desktop computer, tablet and phone.

Is it worth the time it takes?

Some survey websites are notoriously bad for screening you out after you have already completed most of the survey, or paying very little for your time. There comes a point when you need to decide whether the time and effort involved is worth the payout for you. For example, if you can complete surveys on the commute to work or whilst watching tv, then you are making use of your time, but if completing surveys it taking you away from something that is a better use of your time (whether it is making money elsewhere or something something else entirely) then you might want to limit the number of surveys you complete.

Which survey website are worth registering with?

With so many survey websites out there, knowing which ones to trust can be difficult. There are some of my tried and tested websites for earning money from surveys.


Prolific Academic is my all time favourite survey website. They only show surveys that are relevant to you, so you don’t ever get screened out. The surveys themselves are really interesting to complete, and the payment threshold is just £5 via Paypal. However, you do pay Paypal fees on any withdrawals under £20, so I like to save my earnings until I have reached the £20 mark. I get a £20-£25 payment every month from Prolific Academic.


Swagbucks is not just a survey website, there are plenty of other ways to earn money, including watching videos and playing games. The great thing about Swagbucks is that there are plenty of ways to redeem your earnings – Paypal and Amazon gift vouchers are the most popular, but there are loads of other vouchers to choose from.


OnePoll have many short and sweet surveys to complete, so this is definitely more of a slow burner. The payout threshold for OnePoll is £40. This can be paid via cheque, Paypal or BACS (direct transfer into your UK bank account). OnePoll suggest that payments take up to 28 days to arrive into your account after requesting a withdrawal.


Mint Vine is another great survey website that has more than just surveys to complete. There is also a daily poll and offers you can complete, such as testing apps on your phone. You can redeem once you have reached 1,000 points, which is $10. Redemptions are made via Paypal.


If you complete online surveys then let me know in the comment below. Are there any companies that you recommend?
Thank you to Emma for writing this post for me to share with you all – I do some survey sites but only use one of these so I’ve learned from this too!

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  1. Tracy K Nixon February 15, 2016 / 11:39 am

    Thanks for sharing! Could I ask – Prolific Academic – do they email you when I new survey becomes available or do you have to check back on the site yourself? Same with Swagbucks? Thanks x

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