When I received the Valentines Sleekster from Hotel Chocolat, last month, I also got a booklet which showcased the Hotel Chocolat easter range which I thought looked fantastic. As such, when I was asked to try out something from the range I was rather happy to say yes.


I absolutely love white chocolate so picking the white chocolate ‘Scrambled Egg’ was very easy, especially as Hotel Chocolat make a particularly good white chocolate! The egg is, mostly, pure white chocolate but, as you can see, it has the fantastic looking milk and dark swirls worked in to the front (which is how the egg gets the name). The same design is used on the chocolates accompanying which really helps to make the set so complete; yet another example of Hotel Chocolat making the effort to focus on important little details.
When I saw that the little box of chocolates were pralines I wasn’t too sure how well they’d work, I felt that praline and white chocolate might not be the perfect match for me. As it happens I was wrong. These chocolates are really rather delicious, the white chocolate and praline, together, isn’t too sweet (which was my concern), they balance really nicely and I could eat 20 of them, never mind 6!
And doesn’t the egg look rather beautiful? I love how the design has a contemporary feel to it and it’s quite different from the sorts of effects you get on the types of eggs you might, ordinarily, get.
The chocolate, itself, isn’t too think but it’s really crisp which makes for a very strong egg. I’ll be honest, I really struggled to crack it open, it just did not want to break! Thankfully it was well worth all of the effort. The crispness of the chocolate gives it such a fantastic bite, which is something that I find is lacking from cheaper eggs, and the white chocolate is really creamy but not too sweet, it’s possibly my favourite ever white chocolate.
My concern, with the egg, was the dark chocolate swirls – I’m just not a dark chocolate fan. As it happens. though, the fact that the egg is mostly white chocolate really redeemed it. The milk and dark chocolates add a nice dimension to the flavour without, actually, overtaking the white chocolate. It is the perfect mix of the three and it’s definitely made me try to remember that, in some circumstances, dark chocolate really can work.
Sometimes blogging can be really tough. I had no choice but to take some time to sample this egg, and the chocolates, because I just had to in order to tell you all what they were like. I’m sure you can imagine how much of a hardship this was, but I did it just for you, haha!
More seriously, though, I’ve always thought that £15 (which is how much this egg costs) is a crazy price for an easter egg but this offering has made me reconsider. Sometimes you want a hint of luxury in your life and, with this egg, that’s exactly what you’ll get. The chocolate is, clearly, of such a high quality and the chocolates are really well made. It might be more than an egg you pick up from the super market but it’s well worth the additional pennies.
There’s a massive amount of other products in the Easter range, from hampers and extra thick eggs to Easter egg sandwiches and chocolate bunny selections – It’s well worth checking out what the range has to offer as there’s a good number of lower value items as well as the higher costing choices; you can suit any budget. There’s items which would be ideal for an Easter egg hunts, hamper which you can treat the whole family to or bigger eggs which you can gift to your children or the one you love.
I, definitely, need some more Hotel Chocolat white chocolate soon so I may need to pop in to store some time to find another chocolate hit!

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Ok, so I’m writing this a little after the fact. Oliver has, actually, been here for over three weeks already but, other than the odd picture on Instagram and Twitter, I’ve not announced him officially on the blog yet. I’m not sure why – A big part of me has wanted to show him to the world, but another part of me just wanted to take my time in posting. Which is why my post is only arriving now. I had planned on doing a lot more pregnancy related posts, but pregnancy was flipping tough so I struggled to get any sort of posts done – Which is why his updates have been so sporadic. But. here he is!

Oliver was born on the 19th of February, at 38 weeks and 6 days gestation, so he’ll be four weeks old on Friday. 

Due to my health my consultant was happy for me to go for induction, which is why he was early, though I’m glad I didn’t have to go through the whole induction process, as my body was already very ready, after having had my waters broken he was born within 2 hours. Another super fast baby, but thankfully things were complication free, this time, and we were even able to come home the day he was born. Such a, vastly, different experience to the one I had with Ethan and the one Azii had with Skye. We count ourselves incredibly lucky that we got such a simple birth. this time. 
We, then, had a few days to ourselves with the new baby as Ethan was away with Grandad but Ethan was very very excited to meet his new brother once he got home. He loves him, a lot, though is still learning when he needs to give him space (especially on the changing mat. he doesn’t listen when we warn him if he gets too close he’ll get wee’d on, one of these days he may learn that we’re not joking!)
We’re utterly, utterly, in love with the final piece of our family and he’s fitting in really well. As you’d expect we have our better days and our less better days, we have days where he gets over tired and just cries, and we have days where he sleeps when he needs to and is the sweet, chilled out baby that he seems, naturally. to be. He’s a refluxy baby, just like his big brother was. but it doesn’t seem as bad so we’re hoping he grows out of it quicker. For the most part he’s very happy, really rather beautiful and I just look at him and can’t believe my luck. 

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I cannot believe that it’s March, already, this year is disappearing before my eyes and I could do with it slowing down just a little. The good thing is, though, with March comes the impending chocolate-fuelled holiday that is Easter, and with Easter comes a fantastic giveaway! I’ve come together with a big group of other bloggers in order to offer you the chance to win a rather amazing prize.

So what is it you can win?

Would you believe it one lucky winner will be walking away with a fantastic £200 worth of Amazon vouchers, while one runner up will get £20, to spend on whatever they want – though chocolate seems like a good idea at this time of year. (If the winner is from a country other than the UK the prize will be delivered via PayPal cash).
So who’s helped put together this wonderful prize:

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*Please note that all entry options other than the question are optional, however it would be lovely if you could take a few minutes and support some of the bloggers who have helped make this giveaway possible.
Good Luck!

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