Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Welcoming baby Oliver to the blog - He's here!

Ok, so I'm writing this a little after the fact. Oliver has, actually, been here for over three weeks already but, other than the odd picture on Instagram and Twitter, I've not announced him officially on the blog yet. I'm not sure why - A big part of me has wanted to show him to the world, but another part of me just wanted to take my time in posting. Which is why my post is only arriving now. I had planned on doing a lot more pregnancy related posts, but pregnancy was flipping tough so I struggled to get any sort of posts done - Which is why his updates have been so sporadic. But. here he is!

Oliver was born on the 19th of February, at 38 weeks and 6 days gestation, so he'll be four weeks old on Friday. 

Due to my health my consultant was happy for me to go for induction, which is why he was early, though I'm glad I didn't have to go through the whole induction process, as my body was already very ready, after having had my waters broken he was born within 2 hours. Another super fast baby, but thankfully things were complication free, this time, and we were even able to come home the day he was born. Such a, vastly, different experience to the one I had with Ethan and the one Azii had with Skye. We count ourselves incredibly lucky that we got such a simple birth. this time. 

We, then, had a few days to ourselves with the new baby as Ethan was away with Grandad but Ethan was very very excited to meet his new brother once he got home. He loves him, a lot, though is still learning when he needs to give him space (especially on the changing mat. he doesn't listen when we warn him if he gets too close he'll get wee'd on, one of these days he may learn that we're not joking!)

We're utterly, utterly, in love with the final piece of our family and he's fitting in really well. As you'd expect we have our better days and our less better days, we have days where he gets over tired and just cries, and we have days where he sleeps when he needs to and is the sweet, chilled out baby that he seems, naturally. to be. He's a refluxy baby, just like his big brother was. but it doesn't seem as bad so we're hoping he grows out of it quicker. For the most part he's very happy, really rather beautiful and I just look at him and can't believe my luck. 

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  1. Congratulations! He's absolutely lovely xxx

  2. He's so precious, congratulations to the entire family.

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  4. Congrats!:) So sweet boy!:) Wish you lot's happiness, patience and God's blessing!:)
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