A Life update – Where I’ve been, baby Oliver, health and more

Time after time I say ‘Sorry I’ve not been around … has happened, I promise I’ll  be around more soon’. And time after time something else goes and happens and the cycle repeats. My health was bad, my pregnancy was tough, I was looking after a newborn, all of these things are why my blogging was more sporadic last year and even more so in 2016. 

And that’s not the end of it (of course, why wouldn’t there be more!). As if all my health stuff wasn’t enough I, now, have developed a drooping eye, mouth and face coupled with blurred vision (and associated headaches), worsened weakness in my limbs and a number of other symptoms. This has left me feeling pretty rubbish, not able to use my arms too much and not able to read, or look at screens, as much as I used to. Thankfully I saw a very understanding gp a couple of weeks ago who has referred me for an urgent neurologist appointment and, hopefully, that’ll give me some answers. As such I can’t promise I’ll be around more, soon, but I can promise I’ll do what I can!

That’s not been the only reason for absence but that’s been the reason why blogging has been even harder than normal, and even harder than I’d anticipated it to be with a newborn to care for. It still makes me very sad to write about it, but we lost someone we loved very recently, someone I hadn’t seen for a few years due to my not being able to travel but who Ethan used to go and visit a lot; his Great Grandad. Although that didn’t, literally, stop me from blogging, it has made us all very sad and, of course, it’s much harder to feel motivated when you’re feeling that way, as I’m sure you’ll all understand.

Thankfully there’s been plenty of good things happening, too. Ethan turned 6, Oliver’s been an absolute delight (for the most part, I don’t enjoy the poop and the sick, who woukd!?), I have a brand new (very tiny) little nephew, my littlest brother and his beautiful fiance got married and it’s been decided that we’ll remain living here for the longer term so we don’t have the stress of moving out next year and the boys get to continue having their super close relationship with their Grandparents. 

Oliver is 10 weeks old, now. He’s been smiling since he was 4 weeks, and laughing since he was 5 weeks. He’s, currently, going through a bit of a ‘no sleep’ phase but ordinarily he sleeps well between his feeds (but still feeds every 4 hrs in the day and about every 5 at night). He loves lights and sounds, he loves singing silly songs and he loves cuddles. He is, honestly, the sweetest little baby (I know I’m biased but it’s true). 

So the good really does shine through, even on the days when I can’t even lift my phone, I have an awful lot to be thankful for. I can’t promise to start blogging regularly, again, but I will do my best. And, hopefully, the neurologist will have some fantastic way to stop these symptoms and then I’ll just have my normal health issues to battle rather than all of this additional stuff! 

Whilst I’ve not been around as much I’ve been working on my Instagram a lot more as it’s a much smaller scale way to keep sharing things but without using as much energy. So if you want to keep more up-to-date with all of the good things and the things that make me smile, then follow us over there and say hello: https://www.instagram.com/petitmoi_bigworld/

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