Birchbox UK – Unboxing / Review for May 2016

I really want to get back in to the habit of posting my Birchbox unboxings as they’re fun posts to write and I know that people enjoy reading them too. It can be great to see what other people get (though sometimes makes us jealous when they get a much better box, haha) so I want to get back in to doing this every month. Watch me say this and then it not happen but at least I can try! 

If you love the look of this month’s box, and decide to sign up, then I’d really appreciate you using my link to sign up as it’ll get me £10 worth of points to spend in the Birchbox shop and it’ll get you £5 worth of points too!

This box is called ‘For The Dreamers…’ which is a rather lovely title. The box, itself, is really pretty but also came with a huge gimmick (And I do love gimmicks). Two people, this month, will win a holiday via their box as all of the boxes come with a scratch off layer and underneath that layer there’s a lovely pattern, but for the two winners there’s a note to tell them they’ve won, so much fun!

Love the pattern on this month’s leaflet, and the contents of the box is pretty nice too. 
And here’s what I got. 6 products, one of which everyone got, spanning a good few types of product and with a nice mix of recognised brands and new (to me) brands. 
Everyone got a Spectrum makeup sponge which we were allowed to pick the colour of (though I never got the email, I’d have definitely picked purple but it doesn’t make a big difference either way, they’ll both work the same). I’ve become a huge Spectrum fan since getting one of their brushes in a previous box (and then buying a set myself), so more than happy to see a new product from them in the box. 
Next up I got a pack of Ole Henriksen wipes. I’m not a huge fan of wipes but I’ve heard some pretty fantastic things about these particular wipes so I’m rather pleased to be able to get the chance to try them. There’s 10 wipes in the pack which, when you consider a full size is 30 wipes, and it costs £12, is a pretty good sample size. 
As always the teeny perfume samples are a lot less exciting, but when it’s an added extra to 5, bigger, items I definitely don’t mind so much. The sample is ‘Live Irresistible’ by Givenchy which is a mix of fruity and floral scents. It’s not a perfume I’d pick, too floral for me, but I do like the sweeter notes and it’ll definitely work for some people. 
I’m never averse to getting Philip Kingsley in a box, they’re a brand I really like. I’ve not heard of the ‘Prep Polishing Balm’ before but it sounds like a really interesting product; you apply it to dry or damp hair to make it look smooth and conditioned. I don’t have particularly fly-away hair, now that it’s short, but could definitely do with my hair looking healthier. The sample is 20ml but as you only use a small amount of product each time I can imagine this will last a good amount of time, 
The penultimate item is by Puriskin which is a brand I’ve not heard of before. This ‘Resurfacing Cream’ is supposed to help with super-dry skin, scarring or blemishes so it sounds like the sort of thing I’d happily use. The little tub contains 15ml of product which will be fine if it’s only used in smaller areas. It has a very very subtle smell that I definitely won’t notice after applying it, 
And, lastly, my favourite product, other than the Spectrum sponge, is this mascara by Eyeko. Another brand that I enjoy, I’ve never tried an Eyeko mascara. The sample is a 4ml one, so not huge, but then I rarely finish a mascara before it dries up anyway as I have so many to try at once. A nice sample to get in a box as most beauty lovers will use a mascara of some sort and it’s not colour reliant such as a lipstick or nail polish. 
Not the most exciting box I ever had but a good selection of prodcucts, none-the-less. As always, looking forward to seeing what next month has to offer and, remember, if you sign up, you can use my link at the top to get us both points to spend. 

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