Keeping baby safe and snug with a Grobag

‘The Gro Company‘ is a company which, I’d expect, most or all parents are familiar with. When you think about baby sleeping bags it’s Grobags that spring to mind; it feels as though the other companies follow where Gro have taken the lead. 

I used Grobags when Ethan was a baby and Oliver has inherited those. But when Gro asked if I’d trial one of their products I was really excited as they’re a company I really enjoy and who make unquestionably good products. 

I opted for the adorable ‘Little Dino’ grobag in 0-6months in a 2.5 tog weight. When I decided upon which product to get, it was before Oliver was born, and I have to admit I felt a little bewildered as I couldn’t remember how to decide which bag we needed. This is why we ended up with the 2.5 as I read up that that’s the ‘average’ weight that works all year round. As it happens, though, our house tends to be quite warm so we’ve not been able to make full use of the bag because it’s been too hot. 
That is, of course, totally my fault, and it’s been so so nice to use on the times that we have been able to.
I, absolutely, love the dinosaur design on the bag, it’s just so cute. The fabric is plush and soft and just feels super, super comfy which is exactly what we all want for our little ones. 
Another reason that I went for the dino design is that came as a ‘travel’ bag which meant that it has a small place in the back in which you can insert the lower part of a 5-point-harness meaning that you can use the bag in a buggy or a car seat; something you can’t normally do with sleeping bags. 
Once baby is big enough for their head to not fit through the neck hole of the sleeping bag (when it’s zipped up) a baby sleeping bag is one of the safest ways for a baby to sleep. There’s a lot of ways that we can try to keep our babies safe, when they sleep, and one of them is so stop them getting too hot – With a baby sleeping bag they are warm and snug but they can’t move themselves underneath the covers and they can’t end up with them over their faces. 
As well as this, the bags are really practical because they mean that the baby can’t kick the covers off and get cold. I, also, really feel like Oliver sleeps better in his sleeping bags and I put this down to the snug, safe feeling that they get from being, almost, cocooned in the bag.

These photos were taken quite a while ago now, it’s taken me far too long to get this post together (due to the reasons mentions in my previous post), but you can just see how comfy he was in his sleeping bag. This was the first time he was in it and straight after taking these photos I put him in my lap and he snuggled up and went off to sleep. 
Until he’s much, much, bigger Oliver will always be using sleeping bags and Gro will be my go to company for them because they are innovative, super well made and delightfully cute to look at. In fact, I think I’m going to have to decide which one to get for Oliver, next, soon because (at almost 3 months) he’s going to grow out of his 0-6 month bags very soon! As sad as it’ll be to pack away his smaller bags, at least I get the fun job of deciding which adorable design to get next!  

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