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I think it goes without saying that, before having Oliver, so many things went through my head in terms of allowances we’d need to make for my mobility and health issues. The moment I got those two lines on the test I was thinking over the things I could do to make our lives easier, adaptations I could make in order to be able to be the best parent I could be, whilst keeping my limitations in mind.


I had, though, never heard of anything like a Snugglebundl (Cutest name ever? Quite possibly), a product designed as a solution for so many parenting issues. It’s ideal for those who might struggle to lift a baby; be that a Mum recovering from a c-section, someone with mobility problems or someone who’s more elderly. But it’s also great for the able bodied as it is great for transferring your baby between different places without disturbing them. When I was asked if I wanted to trial this product I, quite simply, had to say yes.


The Snugglebundl is suitable for babies from 0-6 months and it is, essentially, a cuddly blanket with handles. It comes in a variety of designs; a plain red, or a plain neutral as well as a bright polka dot design and, my favourite, a grey colour with stars. The fabric that the blanket is made of is beautifully soft and snug and you can tell from the outset that the product is incredibly well made.
The premise of the blanket is that you can lift the baby using two arms, rather than needing to use two, and it also means that you can take your baby out of their car seat, whilst still snuggled up in their blanket, and pop them straight in to their cot. It, also, has a little tie so that you can keep them cocooned in their blanket without it coming unwrapped and a head rest to keep the baby secure and still whilst you’re lifting them.
As you can see, Oliver is more than happy in his Snugglebundl. As you can, also, see he’s a rather big baby. This picture was taken when he was around 10 weeks old and he already fills it but the lovely team assure me that the blanket is safe even when their feet pop out of the bottom as the balance is still maintained.
I’ll be 100% honest with you, nothing is ever going to make lifting my baby easy. My back is one of my worst pain areas and my arms are a source of real weakness, it was never going to be easy, especially as I seem to make rather large babies! But does it help to be able to lift him with both arms? Absolutely. In an ideal world I lift him by holding him close to my body, but on a day when I can’t lift him with just one arm then I have the Snugglebundl which makes me feel like he’s just that little bit safer.
I can imagine that this product makes an even bigger difference to those with milder health issues, and it must also be great for those recovering from a c-section because, although their pain will be high still, this allows them to lift their baby without holding them close to their body and knocking their section site.
And, if you were wondering what we do with the Snugglebundl when it’s out of use? It’s fab for storing toys in between uses, his stuffed toys are currently tied up in there whilst he plays on his mat and, then, if I want to lift him with it after I can dump them all out and put it to use.
At £34.99 it’s not the cheapest baby item you’ll get, you can find the shop page here, but if you have need for it then it’s totally priceless. And because it’s so well made I feel comfortable passing it on to any of my spoonie friends who have a baby in the future.


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