May the 4th be with you – Celebrating Star Wars day with Hallmark – And a giveaway!

I was incredibly excited when I opened a package from Hallmark, a couple of days ago, to discover an unexpected, awesome Star Wars storage box filled with Star Wars goodies. If you weren’t aware, we’re a bit Star Wars mad in this house, and we were definitely going to be celebrating ‘Star Wars Day’, aka May the 4th, today even before this surprise mail arrived. 

Don’t worry, I’m not going to keep you waiting to find out what was inside the box, but I do want to let you know that there’s a giveaway at the bottom of the post, so don’t forget to check it out.

I was surprised that the new ‘Force Awakes’ dvd wasn’t released today because it seemed like such an ideal time but, in all honesty, I think it already having been out for a couple of weeks isn’t going to detract from people being excited about the re-awakening of their favourite franchise on the first ‘Star Wars day’ since the movie came out. I can’t wait to explain to Ethan about the whole idea!

If you do have a Star Wars fan in your life, or if you’re one yourself, then definitely consider popping in to your local Hallmark store because, as with so many other things, they have Star wars galore! 
I thought that these greetings cards were fantastic, I have some frames that I needed a use for and I think I’m going to use one for the bottom left card, to go on Ethan’s bedroom wall. There’s so many great cards out there but these are so much fun and any Star Wars fan would be happy to get them (Ethan may be getting the Kylo Ren one, after school, as a belated extra birthday card, haha!). 
You may, already, have seen my previous post about Itty Bitty’s but they’re just so so cute so I’m sure you won’t mind seeing some more. You can celebrate both the old and the new movies with the range as you can pick up characters from the original trilogy as well as ones like Rey and BB-8 from ‘The Force Awakens’ (BB-8 used to be exclusive to the US so it’s very exciting that he’s available in the UK, now, too!). I’m planning on phoning my local Hallmark store later to see if they have any more Star Wars Itty’s in stock so that I can fill in the few remaining gaps from Ethan’s collection. 
And whilst we’re watching ‘The Force Awakens’ and cuddling our Itty Bitty’s we can also have some Star Wars lollies. That’s right you can even get Star Wars lollies now! I love Chupa Chups, especially the strawberries and cream flavour, so I may commandeer them and let Azii and Ethan have all the others.
It’s true that you can get almost anything with Star Wars on, at the moment, but you definitely won’t be hearing any complaints from me! If you follow me on Instagram you’ll see that Ethan’s been getting everything Star Wars for his birthday and he even has wellies with Kylo Ren on, now! 
So, May the 4th be with you, hope you all enjoy your Star Wars day as much as we’re going to! And, now, on to the giveaway.
If you don’t have the ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ dvd then it’s your lucky day, there’s a chance to win one right here. The box we were sent also included a copy of the dvd but we already have it so I thought it’d make a great prize for one of you! 
Just enter using the rafflecopter below: 
– You must be 18 or over to enter the giveaway
– The Giveaway is UK only. 
– The winner will be picked, randomly, via Rafflecopter
– There will be one winner
– The winner will have 28 days to reply to my email confirming their winning. 
– The giveaway runs until midnight on 17th May.

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