Sweet Treats galore with the Scoff Club subscription box

I shall be posting an update post, soon, to explain why it’s been so long since I’ve posted, but for now I will just say that I’m sorry. To make up for it, though, I’m going to share a fantastic subscription box with you that’ll be bound to make your mouth water! 

I was asked if I’d try out a Scoff Club box quite some time ago and I couldn’t say no; I love both sweets and chocolate and when you’re up feeding a baby in the early hours of the morning a sugar boost can be a fantastic thing. After finding out how much was in the box, and how tasty it all was, I just knew I had to share the contents with you all. 

When the box arrived my Mum took it from the post man and, instantly, said ‘Wow that’s heavy’. I couldn’t remember having ordered anything recently but the moment I saw the ‘Scoff Club’ sticker on the box I was impressed with how weighty it was. Each box comes in at 1.3kg which, as you’ll see below, equates to Lots of sweets.
The sweets came really nicely wrapped in tissue paper, with ribbon, just as you’d expect from a subscription box. Obviously these things aren’t vital but they do help the overall subscription box experience, and if you’re like me you’ll know that the experience of unpacking a surprise box is so much fun. 
Once you unwrap the sweets you’re greeted with, individually labelled, bags of sweets – And lots of them! I was, straight away, very impressed with the variety in the box and, also, how big each different bag was. You definitely get more than a little nibble with these boxes. I’ve not exactly taken it slowly but that box has lasted ages. 
The first three things to catch my eye were the ‘Tutti Fruity Fizzy Cubes’, the ‘Clotted Cream Toffee Bonbons’ and the ‘Jelly Babies’. 
I love fizzy sweets and slightly sour sweets to the Tutti Fruity ones really appealed to me and they definitely don’t disappoint when it comes to fizzing; they have a really fun sensation in the mouth. They weren’t my favourite from the box, as they have quite a strong watermelon flavour to them, and that’s not one that I enjoy, but for some reason I keep coming back for more, there’s something very appealing about them. 
The bon bons, on the other hand, did not last for long. I love bon bons and I love toffee so this combination couldn’t have been more perfect for me, I could honestly have eaten 10 times this amount. Bonbons are a bit special, for me, too as it’s something my little sister and I used to share on sleepovers during the school holidays – And that’s something I think a lot of people will experience with these boxes as the sweets are meant to be traditional and retro so it’s likely that you’ll have loved them, or something similar, when you were younger. 
And Jelly babies, who doesn’t love jelly babies? Well, my husband for one, but that’s not something I can understand. I, particularly, like the little tiny jelly babies, as these were, there’s something really good about the texture. Being the lovely Mummy that I am, I shared these with Ethan and he really approved. 
I wasn’t overly excited about the chocolate honey comb but once I started the bag I just couldn’t stop eating it. It was one of those things where I’d say ‘Just one more piece’ and 3 or 4 pieces later I’d realise I was still going. Not sure what it was but this was just so good and I was very sad once the bag was gone. 
As I said above watermelon is just not my thing so the ‘Water melon Rockets’ went straight to my husband. He, definitely, didn’t mind though and they were polished off in one evening whilst he was playing computer games – They got a thumbs up from him. 
I’ve not tried the ‘Now and Later; chews or the ‘Eye Poppers’ bubble gum, yet, but they look like fun additions to the box. Nice to see something we don’t get in the UK, too, with the chews. 
All in all I thought this box was great. The sweets last for ages and ages and that’s even whilst sharing with the whole family. The variety is without fault and even if one of the bags isn’t to your taste, there’s so much else in there that there’s bound to be plenty you’ll love. 
A month, by month subscription costs £12.99 (free p&p) but if you subscribe to 3 months you’ll save just over a pound and if you subscribe for a 6 month plan you’ll same a similar amount. I have to admit, I’m tempted to sign up for a month or two as it’s a lovely way to have some treats in the house. I’m meant to be eating more healthily but I believe in having everything in moderation and a box like this, spread throughout the month, might prevent me buying more bits here and there (or maybe I’m making excuses because I just want to get another box, haha!). 

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