Treat Box from Not Shabby Very Chic – May 2016 Review / Unboxing

I’ve been getting the Treat Box from Not Shabby Very Chic for a few months now, ever since I subscribed with some of my Christmas money. I’ve been meaning to post about the contents, every month, but of course tiny baby makes all things productive very, very difficult. 

I, finally, have another post for you, though, even if I’ve missed a good few months worth! It’s safe to say, though, that this is definitely my favourite box so far. It’s not got the most stuff in, but it’s got some really nice items and every single thing in there is usable. 

When I opened the box I was greeted with a familiar little print with a nice quote – Each month there’s a different one of these and they’re lovely. I’m keeping hold of them in case I decide to put them up in our bedroom once it’s decorated. This one, ‘She believe she could, so she did’, is rather a nice sentiment and I really like the floral design around the edge. 
Behind the print is the biggest item in this months box; a rather lovely cushion cover. Part of what persuaded me to re-subscribe to the box was asking them what the theme was for this month and being told that there was lots of home items included and this definitely fulfils that promise. 
I really like the cushion cover, it’s by Sass and Belle (who I love) and it’s simple, yet pretty. The canvas-like material feels really, really strong and the font for the print has been applied in a really high quality way – All in all it feels like a high value, well made item and is definitely a great feature of the box. I can see this sitting nicely on our sofa or bed, once we have our living space sorted out. 
The remaining items are all, equally, as usable for me. Being a total book worm the ‘Queen Bee’ bookmark is really lovely and cute enough that it’ll make its way in to my book mark collection (Yes, I have a collection, shh!). It’s magnetic so it’ll stay put, in whatever book it is put in, which is nice as a lot of the book marks I have are very pretty but not very practical. 
At the top of the photo is a rather different offering in the form of a quote on a sanded down piece of wood. It doesn’t sound like much but I think this will look great sat on my book case in front of some books. The quote is lovely and it’s a nice size as it’s small enough to be able to slip in to a small space, but still noticeable. I really like it. 
The little roll of yellow, floral washi tape is really sweet. I’ve never had washi tape before but my love of stationery means that this will definitely fit in within my collection of pretty things. 
Last, but one, we have a hanging ornament in the shape of some metallic hearts – These caught my eye from the very outset, as well as capturing my attention as they jangled together in the box. Again, once we have a sorted living space I’ll definitely be able to find somewhere to keep this, it’ll have to be somewhere that they won’t get moved too much, though, or the noise may become a bit distracting. 
Lastly there’s a lovely little compact mirror which has the same artwork as the post card from the first picture. I always lose compact mirrors so this is perfect for me and the little canvas, polka dot bag is incredibly cute whilst being a handy, practical addition as a way to keep it safe inside your hand bag or makeup bag. 
As you can see, there’s plenty of items in this months box and it definitely covers, and goes over the cost of the box (£12.95 incl p&p). There’s a very nice, shabby chic feel to all of the items and I couldn’t have hoped for a better selection. Now just to the difficult job of waiting until next month’s box, I already can’t wait to see what’s in there. 

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