Our May 2016 Overview on Instagram

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder so, hopefully, you’ve all been missing me dreadfully as I’ve been very, very absent!

Due to all the health stuff (see here for a little more info), I’ve not been able to blog much but I’ve, really, been feeling the loss of being able to keep in touch with people and share what’s going on with us. As such I’ve turned to Instagram a lot more (You can find me as Petitmoi_bigworld) and it’s really been filling that void.

I used to do Instagram overview posts, so I want to start doing that again as a way to do a nice, easy, post and a little life update.

As you can see the month was rather Oliver focused, but being the photogenic little guy that he is it’s hard not to want to snap away. Daddy makes him smile an awful lot so I’ve managed to capture some great smiling shots this month as well as his celebratory picture for May the 4th.
Oliver isn’t the only one who’s been Star Wars oriented, this month, though, as Ethan’s been all about the Star Wars (As always). He’s been getting down with his creative side, drawing awesome little Star Wars scenes with the stationery he got for his birthday. As well as that he managed to reach his birthday money and pocket money saving amount so he was able to get his very, very, cool At-At remote controlled toy.
I spent some of my birthday money in May and one of the big purchases was this, absolutely gorgeous, leaf necklace from Tatty Devine which I just can’t get enough of (even if it’s not particularly seasonal). You may also notice the, not particularly in character, selfie which was inspired by a new hair cut – New hair does wonders for the self esteem!
I’ve also been trying to pick up my crochet a little more this month. I’m still so much slower than my friends but I’ve made good progress on this rainbow star, baby blanket that I’ve been working on as a surprise for someone (don’t worry, they won’t see this). Also, lastly, if you look at the top corner, can you see how much Oliver looks like I did when I was a baby! I can’t quite believe the similarity.

I’ve got a couple of blog posts planned, but we’ll see what happens as to when they get done. But if you want to keep in touch then pop on over to Instagram and say hello!

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