Sassybloom box for a 4 month old – Oliver’s subscription box

I love subscription boxes, the surprise, the excitement of opening it and finding out what’s inside, it’s great. As such, when I knew there was baby subscription boxes, in the form of Sassy Bloom, I knew we needed to try it out for a few months. The box is £29.99 but promises that you’ll get a value of over £40 so it’s a good deal, though because it’s pricey we’re probably going to get a few months, take a break and then get a few more months when he’s a bit older. The boxes are awesome, though. 

A subscription like this wouldn’t really have suited Ethan as he wasn’t the sort of baby that actively played with toys. Oliver, on the other hand, just loves toys. I mean he Really loves toys and he plays with them exactly as they were intended. As such this box has been perfect for him. 

And here’s what he got in his 4-month-old box! A really nice selection of toys, and some real favourites amongst them. 
This is Foxy (we’re original with names). There’s still some debate as to whether or not Foxy is a fox or a mouse but we’ve settled upon fox. The moment I saw him, I loved him, and thankfully Oliver felt much the same way. The company which makes these doesn’t seem to be running any more but Oliver took such a shine to it that we’ve already ordered a second one via Sassy Bloom themselves. If it turns out we don’t need the second then we’re going to keep it nice and safe and it can become a lovely giveaway prize one day. I feel, though, that he’s a firm favourite and we may need the second one. 

He Really loves Foxy. 
The second item is one that wasn’t as ideal for us as we don’t have a car. It’s absolutely adorable, though, so we’ve passed it on so that someone else can make good use of it. 
Next up we have ‘Chewy’. He’s a baby safe, chewable hippo! I mean who doesn’t want a chewable hippo?! He’s very cool and comes with a little wrist attachment to help baby keep hold of him. So so cute. 
This is my other favourite item of the box, a teething taggie from the company ‘Taggies’. It’s just like a normal, character taggie blanket but some of the taggie parts of made of a chewable plastic which, I think, is a fantastic idea. I love the duck and the bright polkda dots. 
Lastly, but in no way least, is this Nuby ‘Bug a Loop’ teething ring. Oliver’s seemed like he’s been teething for months, already, so this is a very welcome addition to his collection of things to chew on. Though his favourite thing to chew is, still, Mummy, haha! 
I think you can see, from this box alone, that the value of these boxes is really good. Obviously there’ll be months where not everything is ideal but, for the most part, the items are very universal and I can imagine there’s a good amount that anyone/anybaby would be able to use. I am, already, looking forward to next month’s box and seeing what fun thing Oliver will have to play with next! 

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