Treat Box from Not Shabby Very Chic – July 2016 Unboxing / Review

I have a number of posts on the back burner, for you, but I have a nice quick one to share today. I’ve really been enjoying my Treat Box subscription from Not Shabby Very Chic and, again, I’m at the point where I need to decide whether or not to keep my subscription going. There has been the odd month where I only like half of the items, rather than all of them, but there hasn’t, yet, been a month in which I haven’t liked it at all. I really enjoy the boxes and the kinds of items included. 

This is what welcomed me when I opened the box, this month, and I thought it was really rather cute! The theme, this month, is Tropical, with a hint of adventure, and you’ll see why as I show you what’s included. 
I really like the prints that are included in each month’s box, I have a collection of them which I’m considering putting on our wall once we have our rooms sorted. I really like this month’s, as I like that it could be literal, considering the physical adventures you’ll have, but it can also just allude to the exciting futures that any one of us could have waiting for us. 
I, also, really like the little flag. Expect to see that popping up in various photo backgrounds from now on! 
There’s almost always something from Sass & Belle in these boxes, and you won’t find me complaining about that, I love Sass & Belle. I really like the wall hanging, from them, that’s included in the July box – I can definitely see it finding a home in our newly decorated rooms. 
The ‘You are one in a Melon’ badge is just very very cute. Not to my taste but I can’t help but appreciate the pun and the cuteness. 
One of my favourite things in this box is the wax melt which you can see on the top right. Even before I got my box opened I could smell something amazing and I was very pleased when I saw what it was, The melt is in the scent ‘Pina Colada’ and it’s from the company ‘Simple Candle Co’. I love the smell of this so much that I’ve already ordered some more melts from them and signed up to their monthly melt, subscription box! It smells That good!
Lastly, in this picture, is the cute little party bag that was included. It’s Treat Box’ first birthday so they gave us bubbles, confetti and sweeties which I’m sure will put a smile on many a face!
And, to complete both the tropical and adventure themes, we have a pineapple ‘Wish upon a string’ bracelet and a beautiful slogan makeup bag. The pineapple bracelet isn’t much to my taste so expect to see it in a giveaway soon, but I love the makeup bag and will definitely be finding a place for it in my collection of makeup bags (I definitely don’t have too many, nope, no way!). 
I am sure you’ll agree that this was a great box. For £12.95 (Or less if you sub for longer), you get a really great selection of things and even if one or two of the things aren’t to your taste I can imagine that there’s something for everyone in these boxes. I, for one, am very happy. Now off to ponder whether or not I should sub again… might not take too long to decide haha.

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