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I, genuinely, can’t believe that the summer holidays are almost over. I feel like they’ve gone in a blink of an eye but they also feel like they’ve lasted forever. It’s been our first holidays with two children and Ethan’s been pushing the boundaries, to say the least, but we’ve also had some lovely days and he’s been lucky enough to have been taken away to Devon a couple of times and done some other fun things with his child minder and some family. 

Ethan will be going back to his last year at infants school as infant and juniors are separate, here, so after this year he’ll be off to another school already! I don’t feel ready for him to be in the last year of infants, it’s gone so so fast.

However ready I am, or not, of course I do need to make sure that Ethan’s things are ready. I’ve bought a name stamp to label all of his clothes, got new shoes and new uniform, need to get everything washed and ready so that he can go back without a big fuss. 

Sometimes, though, it’s the little things that we can forget but, thankfully many stores, including House of Fraser, have sales around this time of year in order to make those last bits easier to get hold of. When House of Fraser asked if I would feature some of their back to school items I was happy to try them out and see what they had available. 

And here’s what I went for. A lightweight waterproof coat and a very, very cool 3D Star Wars backpack. Needless to say Ethan was very pleased with my choices. 
The bag is from the B2S Bags section where you’ll find everything from Skylanders to Star Wars and Paw Patrol to Minions. There’s backpacks and drawstring bags as well as lunch bags and satchels. 
This 3D Star Wars bag is, originally, £15 but is £7.50 in the sale which is a right bargain. It’s not quite big enough for A4 items but when they’re in primary years they don’t really need that. The 3D design makes it really stand out and it’s much roomier than other bags that Ethan has. Being a huge, huge Star Wars fan Ethan loved it. We had to trial it before we could post it on the blog, of course, so he took it with him to Devon and it held lots of books, his tablet and a coupe of toys for the journey in the car. It’s well made and nice and strong too so I don’t see this breaking any time soon even with heavier use. 
And we also got this lovely ‘Name It’ coat from the B2S Coats & Jackets section. I picked this one because I thought the geometric shapes looked really cool and almost, a little, like tetris and that’s the sort of thing that’ll sell a product to us in this house haha. 
The coat isn’t a thick winter coat, but it’s waterproof and has a fabric lining so it’ll be fantastic for layering. 
The quality is good, the zip runs nicely and Ethan says it’s really comfortable to wear. This particular design isn’t available on the website anymore but there are others from the same brand for £12.60 down from £21. 
We got this in age 7-8 and it fits Ethan nicely (but he’s this size in most upper body clothing, despite only being 6). There’s plenty of room in it and I see it lasting him through the whole school year and, hopefully, through the next summer holidays too. It’s nice and light weight and great for the sort of middling weather we have for most seasons. 
Emotionally I’m not sure I’ll ever be ready for him to start Year 2. I look back at his baby pictures and I can’t believe he’s this loud, attitude filled, computer game loving 6 year old who has zero volume control. I can’t believe he’s going to be in the oldest year of the school. But, even though I’m not emotionally ready, at least we have all the things that we need and I only need to put the finishing touches on to make sure that starting back will be as easy and pain free as possible! 

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