My August Melts Monthly Subscription Box – Simple Candle Company

I already warned you that a big part of my Christmas and Birthday money went on subscription boxes so it shouldn’t be too big a surprise that I’ve got another box to share with you already. A new one, for this blog anyway, in the form of ‘Melts Monthly’ by Simple Candle Company.


I came across this brand when one of their wax melts arrived in my July Treat Box, I instantly loved the Pina Colada scent and the intensity of it told me that these were good quality. I ordered some individual products but also signed up to their subscription service which promises to give customers a chance to get scents early as well as getting a fun surprise every month.

The box is £10 for 8 melts, including postage, which I think is a great price, especially as the melts last hours and hours. I kid you not I’m still on that original Pina Colada one as it just keeps, on, going!
The melts come in the expected style of box, and inside the box they’re in a really cute, polka dot, bag. It’s a nice way to present them rather than them rolling around in the box.
And this is the 8 scents that I got. Chocolate Orange, Caribean Sea, Oudh Nights, Vanilla & Nutmeg, Bluebell, Fairy Dust, Sweet Sunrise and Patchouli & Cardamom.
It’s a nice mix of fresh, floral, spicy and sweet scents which includes ones that I definitely would’ve picked myself (Like chocolate orange and caribean sea) but also includes ones like Patchouli & Cardamom which I wouldn’t, ordinarily, have picked but think smells amazing. Some of these are so strong that they’ll be the type that you can only have on for short bursts, but they’ll fragrance a whole room, and beyond, with ease (if they’re anything like Pina Colada anyway).
I’m definitely going to keep this box going for, at least, a month. The melts take so long to use (especially when you have little ones so can’t keep them burning all day) so I expect I’ll get a backlog pretty quickly so there’s a good chance I’ll unsubscribe in a month or so and then re-sub once I’ve melted away some of my collection!
All in all, though, a good box and a nice surprise to get every month.

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