Sassybloom Box for a 5 month old – Oliver’s Subscription box

I was only going to get Oliver a couple of months worth of Sassybloom boxes because he doesn’t need more and more toys every month. But every month it arrives and every month we love what’s in there and he loves what’s in there and I just wonder what next month will contain… yeah. 

So here’s what he got in his box when he was 5 months old. This was, possibly, my favourite box yet. 

We got a personalised bib in this box, which was really nice. We don’t use bibs without plastic backs, very often, but this will be a nice dribble bib or useful for when he has drier finger foods that won’t soak through it. It’s nice to have something with his name on. 
Next up we had a bottle of mandarin shampoo and body wash by Lansinoh – I had no idea they did toiletries like this so this was a nice surprise. It seems like a really nice product so it’ll be next in line for when Oliver’s current product runs out (maybe it’ll make him hate baths less… which is unlikely).
Next up we have this ball by Baby Einstein, He really likes the ball he got in a previous box (to the extent that I bought a second one!) but this one is really really cool too. Rather than just being the ball, this one has a rattly ball inside, and he loves shaking it around, or poking his fingers through the holes and moving the smaller ball around. It’s a really nice toy. 
Next up we got this B Kids elephant which reminds me, a little, of the style of Lamaze toys. I love the bright colours and the fun shapes. It has crinkly bits, rattly bits and chewy bits which are all the important things for an Oliver. 
Nice to see another Nuby toy in the box which, this month, came in the form of a little teether comforter. The monkey has a small blanket attached which has two ‘feet’ which are teether parts. The body of the monkey also has crinkly stuff in it, and that’s Oliver’s favourite sound. He’s, also, decided that although there’s teether parts on this one, the arms are actually pretty good for chewing on too. 
Lastly there was a little rainmaker style rattle. I, actually, got Oliver a big sized one of these in an Amazon sale but it finds it a bit too loud. This little one, though, he loves. When you turn it over and all the beads trickle down he gets really, really excited and grabs for it. A definite winner. 
It was nice to get such a toy focused box this time. Not all babies like toys (Ethan wasn’t fussed), but Oliver is not one of them. Oliver loves toys, so knowing he’s going to get a few, every month, in his box is nice. He gets even more excited over a new toy, so it’s nice to be able to introduce something extra from time to time, though if we do keep the box going we might start saving some for Christmas as he’s got so much. That or I may cancel the box until Christmas and then start it back up as part of his Christmas present.. ooh now that’s a good idea! I don’t, really, want to cancel it as I love the box but I do need to be sensible. We’ll, at least, be getting the 6 month box and then we’ll see from there. 

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