A quick look at ‘Sudocrem: Care and Protect’ – A great baby essential

Sudocrem is one of those products which is synonymous with having babies, it’s just one of those things, a tradition. I had Sudocrem when Ethan was born but when I got pregnant with Oliver I discovered that they did more than just that magic cream in the pale grey pot – Now there was Sudocrem ‘Care and protect’

Originally I planned to buy a tube of this before he was born, to chuck in with his changing bits and bobs but, then, I made a mistake. I accidentally bought the biggest tub of the normal Sudocrem that the world has ever seen. It’s a 400g tub and, because it was £4 at the time (normally £5.99), I thought it was the standard sized tub (you know, the one everyone gets but never ever finishes because even that is too big!). But no, it’s a tub of gargantuan properties and, as such, I didn’t really feel like it made much sense to buy more sudocrem. 
When I got offered a tube to try out, though, I thought why on earth not. I like the idea behind it and anything to keep things nicer for Oliver! We’re quite lucky, though, or rather he is, in that he rarely gets nappy rash, but there’s no harm in using something to make sure he doesn’t, especially now that teething is in full gear and nappy rash is even more likely.
The normal Sudocrem is made to help once a baby has nappy rash but with the Care and Protect you’re supposed to use it on every nappy change as it’s aim is to prevent nappy rash in the first place. It forms a barrier, it has softening and conditioning properties and it also protects against infection which are all key in stopping nappy rash from occurring. As I said, previously, Oliver’s always been quite lucky with nappy rash but, using this, we’ve not even had tiny shows let alone it developing any further. 
I can also attest to the fact that it is conditioning as, when photographing it, I got some on my hand and, so, rubbed it in. It wasn’t quite a hand cream but it definitely had my hands feeling much softer than before (could I even say soft as a babies bottom?). 
I definitely think there’s some credence in the claims of this product. It might not stop the rash, altogether, if a baby gets it badly, but I definitely think it could go some way towards helping, and absolutely no harm in trying. Oliver is a chunky baby so, although he doesn’t get nappy rash much, he gets red and sore in his neck and in some of his leg creases, we’ve used the cream in those areas, too, and it’s definitely helped keep control of how upset he gets there. 
And, as unimportant as it might seem, another selling point for me is the handy tube. It’s so so much easier to pop a tube of cream in to your changing bag than it is a huge tub. 
Tube sizes range from 30g to 100g and prices are between £4.29 and £10.39 so, for the sake of finding out if it works for your  baby, it’s not an overly pricey product. I definitely feel like it’s something we’ll want to keep stocking in our changing bag. 

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