August 2016 ‘Crime on the Pages’ – Book subscription box unboxing / Review

This is both a happy and a sad post to be able to share with you. Happy because it shows you what I got in my August ‘Crime on the Pages’ subscription box but sad because September is going to be the last month. I can’t give you my ambassador code to sign up as subscription sign up is closed. 

I did want to share with you what I got, though, as I think you’d be interested to see the awesome things included and, hopefully, one day, they’ll come back bigger and better and this blog post will be here for someone to search for to see what they’re like. I would, ordinarily, have done the post mid August but with knowing that people wouldn’t be able to sign up from my post, added to the fact that I have a chest infection, things got a bit delayed.

Even just the way that everything is wrapped and packaged gives you insight in to the amount of care, and dedication has been put in to these boxes. 

And here’s what was inside. Amazingly there was two books, again, along with two cute book marks, a necklace and a post card. 
The main book is Alex Clare’s ‘He’s Gone’ – This is an author I’ve never heard of before but the book is very intriguing so I was really pleased to get it in the box. 
The second book is a classic that I, also, haven’t read, in the form of Ethan Lina White’s ‘Some Must Watch’. I really like the idea of including a classic book, along side a modern one, as it seems like a really interesting way to read more deeply in to crime literature. 
I flipping love this post card and it’s going to have pride of place on my book shelves once everything goes up. 
I love reading related accessories and reading related jewellery has to be a real favourite of mine. This necklace could, honestly, have been made for me. I absolutely love it. 
Up until recently I was a very casual coffee drinker but since craving it (and not being allowed much) in my pregnancy, I have become a bit of a coffee addict! As such these book marks are just perfect for me, and so so cute. 
I think that the penultimate ‘Crime on the Pages’ subscription box was fantastic. The fact that there’s two books along side some really nice bookish accessories is really impressive. I will be absolutely gutted to see the box go and I know how hard the team have worked to try and make this a success so I only hope that they find another way to succeed one day. Although I was sent this box to consider for review, I had already subscribed before being taken on as ambassador, so I really was so excited by this box, my disappointment, and hope for their future is totally genuine. 
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