‘I Heart My Lips’ Lip Balms from I Heart Makeup

I feel very bad that I’ve not shared anything from Freedom, Makeup Revolution or I <3 Makeup with you, for a while, because they used to be one of the main brands I’d share with you all. I love their new releases and still love to see what they bring out, but with the baby and all the health stuff, a lot of posts have fallen behind.


I was very excited to get a package from I <3 Makeup a few weeks ago, though, and even more when I found what was inside.


I’m sure that you’ll agree that these ‘I <3 My Lips’ lip balms are really cute, I love the little bullet shape with the heart on the end. They’re, obviously, reminiscent of other lip balms that hold this form but I think they’re individual enough that you can see they’re from a different brand.
The packaging has a really soft, nice feel to it and they feel like great quality despite only being £2.99 each (or £10 for all 5).
There’s a nice range of scents starting with ‘Mint Sorbet’, ‘Blueberry Crush’, ‘Raspberry Fizz’, ‘Wild Strawberry’ and ‘Cool Vanilla’.
I like all of them but my favourite two are, probably, the mint and the raspberry. I really, really, like fake raspberry scents.
You can, definitely, tell what all of them are supposed to be, though, and they all have a nice level of scent to them. I gave the Strawberry one to my 6-year-old as he loves lip balms as he gets dry lips and he loves anything strawberry.
I was pleasantly surprised as how moisturising these were. Low priced lip balms often only have a short term softening result but these really lasted well and left my lips feeling soft for a long time. I like them a lot.
You can get these from the new Tam Beauty website. I think a lot of us were really hoping for a site where you could order Makeup Revolution, I <3 Makeup and Freedom all in the same place and, yay, it’s finally here!


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