My Treat Box UK Unboxing / Review – September 2016

I’ve had my September Treatbox UK for a good few weeks, now, and I was so excited by the contents that I wanted to write about it instantly but, you know, life. I look back at the pictures, though, and am still impressed at how good this month’s box is, it’s definitely the best one yet. 

From the outset I was happy with this box as I loved the quote on the monthly poster and even the colour of the tissue paper was right up my street. I know it might seem silly, but little things like that are a nice way to see that a box is taking care and thinking about the best way to present the box. 
The September theme is relaxation, hence the poster quote. As such I think the really sweet bookmark is a great addition, books are the ultimate relaxation for me. Also, in the box, was a really nice calendar page; we’ve never had these before but I’m wondering if this will be a thing now. 
When you think relaxation a face mask is likely to be high on your list of products to help out, and 7th Heaven are the go to brand for so many people so it was great to see a sachet of their Charcoal face mask in my box. And no little details were forgotten, a tea bag and some candles were also included in the box – I really do love how everything for a quiet pamper session was included, every aspect has been thought of which really goes to show how well thought out the boxes are. 
If you’re having a pamper session with a face mask and some candles there’s another, quite obvious, beauty regime that you can include. I didn’t realise what this case contained, at first, but it was a lovely surprise. 

This mini manicure set is lovely. It has all the things you’d need to get your nails looking lovely whilst your face mask dries. I absolutely love the design on the case, too. 
If you don’t know about the current colouring in craze then I don’t know where you’ve been. Adult colouring books are everywhere and they’re fantastic and some of them have the most beautiful designs. The ‘Secret Garden’ colouring book has become quite iconic but, amazingly, I don’t have it. This little sample sized version has some gorgeous designs in it and it’s definitely tempted me to get the full book. 
I love that there are crayons included in the box, too, again it’s all in the details! 
And can you imagine my surprise when I found this nestled in to my box. I had no idea this was coming and I couldn’t even begin to imagine what was inside. 
And I have to say, I am in love with this. I am allergic to bees so I don’t get to look at them often to see their  beauty but they are such gorgeous creatures. I love this necklace so so much and am incredibly grateful to have been sent it. Isn’t it beautiful?
So, yes. Even without my added necklace, isn’t the box wonderful? I love how well it kept to the theme, I love that all the little details were catered to and that there was something for everyone inside. Definitely my best month, so far, I honestly don’t mean to say it every month but they outdo them selves each and every time! 

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