Instagram Lookback for September 2016

Another month over, unbelievably. It’s October and already a whole week of it is gone. My baby is only a couple of weeks away from being 8 months old, I’ve bought almost all the Christmas presents for both boys (yes you can call me super organised). My neuro appointment is finally this month and my rheumy appointment is finally next month. 

Last month was nice. My health stuff was still a pain but I feel like we’ve begun to turn a corner with some of Ethan’s more difficult behaviours, Oliver is an absolute delight (though full of rage because he wants to walk already!) and despite how hard things have been I’ve been trying to take back some control over my life in the form of organising things better. But that’s represented in one of September’s lookback photos so enough rambling and here we go. 

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Ethan went back to school in September, it’s been nice to get some routine back and he’s doing really well so far. | We also spent an afternoon with some family and he discovered K’Nex, he’s asked for some for Christmas and he might just be getting some | Oliver constantly wants to be standing and walking even though he can’t totally do it alone yet. 
Oliver is, though, an absolute delight. He gets very angry and growly when he wants something but he’s the sweetest baby. And if he wants to start sleeping through, again, soon we’d be very grateful. | My eyes are still bad but I’ve managed to start picking up my books again this month and couldn’t be happier. | My Mum persuaded me to stop procrastinating and just start a Bullet Journal. It was the exact right thing to do and has done wonders for my mental health. 
Oliver turned 7 months old, I can’t believe it’s been that long since he was born, it feels like only a few weeks. | He very very rarely naps with us anymore, but when he does I cherish it. | A lovely friend from my school days did the nicest thing for us. I realised how nice it feels when someone performs a random act of kindness towards you which makes me so happy as it’s something I like to do for others when I can. 
And that’s September in a quick overview of Instagram pictures. I’ve managed to post, daily, for months now and it feels like a nice link to my blogging world, at time in which I’m a little more absent. If you want to keep in touch over there you can find us here:

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