My Treatbox Unboxing / Review for October 2016

It’s Treatbox time again! Honestly my favourite subscription box around, the Treatbox is a lifestyle/home/accessories sort of box that costs £12.95. I’ve been subscribing for most of this year using Christmas and birthday money and I won’t be surprised if I find myself doing the same thing again once this current subscription runs out. Each month I feel like the boxes become even more well thought out, more refined and that little bit more special.

You can find them here: They don’t do a referral code or anything, yet, but I think they should as I’m sure I’ve been able to persuade some of you to sign up haha.

This month I was excited the moment that I opened the box. I love the colour of the autumnal tissue paper and the cute little feather on the sticker really caught my eye. And then, of course, the ‘Hello Autumn’. I love autumn, it is my favourite season by far and I am so pleased it’s here. I haven’t had a day out for anything other than health appointments for weeks and weeks (maybe months, sad I know), and hopefully in the next couple of weeks we’ll be attempting to go to town and I am definitely going to hunt down some warm weather clothing.

And here’s the contents of the box at a glance. So many pretty things straight away!

I was so pleased to see the feather, from the sticker, echoing through the rest of the box. It’s details like this that prove how well thought out the boxes are, how the items are so well personalised and coherent. It definitely helps that I love the pattern, the flowers and the feathers, and in those colours too.

The three items with this pattern on are another calendar card (which I really love the idea of!) a really lovely ‘To Do’ list (which you know I’ll be integrating in to my Bullet Journal organising system some how) and a gorgeous magnet which I’m looking forward to finding a home for when we have our rooms set up in the future.

Two home accessory items for this month and I love both of them. The ‘Home Sweet Home’ plaque is really cute and fits the sort of decor I will be filling our space with when we’re all sorted. The second item is a polka dotted, canvas hanger with two pouches on it. If there’s one thing I like more than pretty home stuff, it’s pretty and practical home stuff! I have no idea what I’ll put in the pouches but I’ll find something.

This foody item couldn’t be more seasonally suitable if it tried. Hot chocolate becomes a bit of a staple in the cooler weather and I am very excited to try out this marshmallow melt when I get around to having some. I love marshmallows in hot chocolate and the idea of this is rather amazing.

Lastly there’s a ‘Lisa Angel’ envelope in the box and it contains a really pretty bracelet.

The bracelet is really simple but I love it, the hearts and the shade of the green tassels really pull it together. Very happy with this.

In fact, I’m happy with it all. Shock horror. When have I not been? Already looking forward to next month, though soon I may have to consider that I have enough pretty home accessories… just maybe not too soon! 


  1. Sarah October 26, 2016 / 10:38 am

    Great post 🙂 this box is so cute 🙂

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