A Christmas 2016 trip to Homesense

If you feel a bit like you’re not quite in the Christmas spirit, yet, but you really want to be then I’ve got a quick way for you to suddenly feel more Christmassy whilst, also, being able to get some Christmas shopping done – Take a visit to Homesense!

We have been to Homesense every year, near Christmas, for the past few years and so much of the store becomes utterly transformed that it’s hard to not feel like you’ve stepped in to a bit of a wonderland. As such, when the lovely people at Homesense asked me to pop in and have a look around, and offered me a voucher to do a bit of shopping, I was very pleased as I definitely felt like I needed an injection of Christmas cheer.

Warning, this is going to be a picture heavy post, and that’s even with me cutting down. I’ve got pictures of some of the decorations, as well as some of the gift ideas but there’s so many areas I didn’t include – There’s food gifts galore, shelves and shelves of them, there’s home items such as gorgeous pictures frames and more, there’s so so much kitchen stuff you wouldn’t believe. I wanted to give you a feel for the store but Homesense is one of those places where you need to go in to find out what’s in your local one as each store can be filled with totally different things!

I think there was more Christmas decorations than even the previous years, so so many beautiful things. You could definitely see this years trends in there with a big inclusion of all things copper and rose gold.

There was still plenty of more traditional decorations, too, in fact there was just decorations upon decorations upon decorations. It was hard but we didn’t buy any this year (we normally do). My Mum got loads last year and we don’t have our own tree, yet, but you can be sure I’ll be popping in there next year when we do finally have our own tree.

If you’re looking for a beauty gift for someone you won’t lack in inspiration here – There was so so many beautiful gifts from wonderful brands. If you have someone tricky to buy for Homesense would be a great place to try.

As Bullet Journal lovers my Mum and I were both drawn to the craft (my Mum is also a crafter) and journals section. There was so so many beautiful journals and note pads. I have so many note pads otherwise I’d have picked one up, but my goodness the variety was great. I loved the pale pink and mint green ones with the modern calligraphy quotes on the front, I very nearly got one but was good.

Homesense is also amazing for toys – They only have a couple of each item but they have wonderful  brands and for reduced prices. There was this whole shelf just for cars, there was loads of baby toys, plushes, books, board games, and nursery items such as story baskets and blankets.

I loved all the copper coloured bits in this section but I also thought it was good for gifts – They loads of different cocktail sets, jugs, cups and more for your friends or family who like a tipple. They had shelves and shelves of posh tea and coffee for those who stick to warm drinks. They even had glitter encrusted cocktail shakers and if that’s not a special, festive gift I don’t know what is!

Having done a lot of our Christmas shopping already my Mum and I picked up some stuff for us as well as a few bits for others. Kitchen stuff doesn’t seem like an obvious gift but Homesense has items which are amazing quality, and well known brands, so you can pick someone something that they couldn’t, ordinarily afford. If you have a foody in the family, or a student who’s just gone to uni, maybe someone who’s just moved house, some good quality and fun kitchen ware is actually a great gift (I have bags of stuff that my Mum’s bought me over the years which we’ve not yet used as we haven’t moved out, but they’ve always been well received gifts, especially as she always picks up fun colours like the stuff above).

In the crafting section my Mum thought these were great. At £6 these would be great for the crafter in your life, or if you’re a crafter yourself you could always use them in Christmas card making or even just writing in your cards as the metallic colours are ever so festive.

This Vtech ‘Tiny Touch Tablet’ really caught my eye in the kids section. Oliver loves things with flashy lights and noises, plus the little roller ball even rolls and makes a noise. I’ve already done all of my Christmas shopping so my Mum picked this up for him from her.

Lastly, my Mum did a bit of spending on herself. She loves this style of bowl and she has a few from a number of years ago but hasn’t been able to find any more since. So she was thrilled to find these and bought… well a few would be an understatement. She bought 4 different patterns of this small size, and she got two of each pattern, plus she got two big bowls  in a matching pattern too. So 10 bowls, in total, all in matching pairs. This is my favourite of the designs and I think they are absolutely stunning – The small bowls were £3.99 and the big were £5.99.

Again these would be beautiful gifts if you  have a food lover to buy for because they’re so unusual and would really make for something different and memorable, whilst still affordable.

I really do urge you to pop in to your local Homesense, if you have one near by. It’s one of those stores where you never know what you’ll find as they  have so many individual and one of a kind things. If nothing else, you can immerse yourself in the Christmas spirit just as Christmas is beginning to draw near!

I was given a voucher in order to be able to make some purchases when visiting the store but, as always, all opinions are my own – See disclaimer here


  1. Jenifer L November 29, 2016 / 4:02 pm

    My absolute favourite store! I reckon the majority of my Christmas trinkets are from Homesense.

    I love the bowl(s!) your Mum picked out 🙂

    Jen xx

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