A sparkly treat for your feet this Christmas!

I know it’s mid November, and there are still those of you out there who are steadfastly denying that Christmas is on the way. But I’m sorry, it really is getting closer and there’s no harm in being prepared. Don’t hate me but my Christmas shopping is nearly done! Not to fear, though, ’tis the season for bloggers to help you out with gift guides and gift ideas galore!

Firstly, yes, this is a foot related post but, no, there won’t  be any foot pictures. Once upon a time I’d have taken plenty of foot pics and just warned those of you that don’t like them but, now, I have foot complaints aplenty and I wouldn’t want to subject even those of you who are fine with feet to viewing them.

Hopefully, though, this set will help me to improve my feet even just in some little ways! And the set is the Scholl ‘Velvet Smooth – Purple Pedi Gift Set’ which, I think you’ll have to agree, is simply beautiful. I can’t stop looking at the box, it’s so so pretty, all those purple sparkles. The box is a flip up lid with a magnetic closure so you can be sure that I’ll be keeping hold of it for storage of some kind, it’s far too pretty to not keep.

The set is available at Boots for £70 (though is currently on their 3 for 2 gift offer) which puts it at the higher end of the gift scale, but when you look at what’s included I think you’ll see why.

If you add together the cost of the individual items in the set they come to over £70, but then you consider that you’re getting a limited edition coloured roller and it’s all beautifully presented in the box – I think it is good value if you have a beauty lover to buy for (or maybe to treat yourself).

The set contains the pedi roller, with batteries included, in the beautiful purple shade (Boots also have a pink set for sale), it contains a Scholl ‘Nail Care Oil’, two spare rollers and a Nailberry nail polish in the shade Rouge. I am a huge, huge fan of Nailberry polishes so was very happy to see that in the set (and if you’re familiar with the brand you’ll know they have a high end price, and deservedly so).

The roller itself is really chunky and has a good, heavy feel in the hand (what is it about heavy things feeling like good quality?) – I was hoping that I’d be able to fit it in to my extendable razor handle (a disability device for shaving legs) but unfortunately it’s a bit too big. It does have a long handle, though, so I am able to use it for very short bursts. I can justify the additional back pain, too, by balancing it out with the fact that it’s helping reduce my foot pain by improving the unhappier areas of skin on my feet which can get uncomfortable.

Thankfully you don’t need to use it for long – A few seconds per foot and it makes a big big difference. The skin on my feet feel much softer than any other product or device has ever managed and, hopefully, if I use it every few weeks, it’ll improve the over all condition of my feet for the longer term.

It’s quite loud so I wouldn’t recommend using it for a pamper evening with a movie, but that’s something you can accept when you see/feel the great results.

The Scholl ‘Nail Care Oil’ is for use on the cuticles so is, definitely, a nice addition to the kit and I’ll probably end up using it on my fingers as well as feet. And the Nailberry shade is a classic red which will suit most people and will make a fantastically festive manicure or pedicure.

I really do think this will make a stunning gift this Christmas – The box has real wow factor and the contents covers everything you need for beautiful feet in the party season.

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