First impressions and manicure with Sensational

I was sent this Sensationail ‘Coral Sunset’ starter kit to trial so long ago, I feel awful that it’s taken me to long to try it out. Originally it was sent use for a pedicure but, due to some of the new health stuff going on, I’m not in any position to be showing you my feet at the moment (they’re rather poorly). As such I spent a lot of time waiting for my feet to get better before giving in and deciding I’d trial it for a manicure instead.

I’ve decided to split this in to two posts in order to not make you wait longer for this so this is my first impressions post, along with my first manicure, and then in a few weeks I’ll let you know how the polish held up as well as showing you my second manicure!

As well as the set, which contains a beautiful summer coral shade, I was sent a few other polishes and, my goodness, didn’t they pick some perfect colours for me! I was sent ‘Macchiato’, ‘Bubbly Champagne’ and ‘Rose Gold’, all of which I love.

The set, itself, was a little daunting. I’ve never done any sort of gel polish before, or even had my nails done professionally, all of this is very new to me. I shouldn’t have woried, though, as following the instructions and taking your time makes the system really usable and much more simple than you’d expect.

The set contains, other than the obvious lamp, some cuticle sticks, some lint free wipes and a buffer, plus all the bottles of product you need; gel cleanser, gel primer, gel base & top coat and the polish.

The first time you use the set it’s worth making sure you can open all of the bottles and have broken all of the seals, check that you’ve got everything out of the boxes and that you have everything to hand because the last thing you want, between each stage, is to be hunting for a missing bit (or trying to open polish boxes, which I definitely didn’t have to do, of course!).

Also read the instructions first rather than just reading them as you go along as I’m pretty sure it’d  be easy to miss a step if you aren’t careful.

That aside, the whole thing didn’t take me long at all. Once you’ve prepared your nails it only takes a few minutes to paint on each layer and then either 15 or 30 seconds to cure each layer. I am really impressed. As a parent it’s amazing to have something which means you don’t  have to wait half an hour between each layer and then wait ages for the whole thing to fully dry. With this once you’re done it’s done, your polish is solid and it’s not going to get dented or smudged (I’m one of these people who can spend ages painting their nails and then half an hour later realise there’s a huge smudge because I’ve tried to use my fingers).

It’s hard for me to paint my nails as often as I’d like, these days, due to all the health stuff. As such I think this set may make a huge difference. If it only takes a total of half an hour then that’s imaginable on a less bad day, and if it lasts for the two weeks that it promises then it’s not like I’ll be needing to re-do it all of the time.

I used Macchiato on most of my nails and it’s a beautiful shade. I like a neutral nail but if it’s too pale then it looks wrong against my super-pale skin. This sort of shade has enough colour to it that I think it looks great, I definitely need to perfect my application but, considering this is my first try, and I’ve not applied nail polish in almost a year, I’m really really pleased with how it turned out.

The accent shade, on my ring finger, is ‘Bubbly Champagne’ which has a gorgeous sheen to it and would make a lovely look for every finger, especially over the festive period, but works fantastically to accent a neutral, daily nail look.

I, already, want to get some more shades as I want to be able to have nice nails from time to time, even if it’s not every day like it used to be. Maybe a couple more shimmery shades and some nice extra colours too. Of course, for my next manicure, you can see how I find the rose gold shade, I think it’s going to be perfect for Christmas!

Until next time.

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  1. Bear and Cardigan November 17, 2016 / 11:32 am

    This looks great! I had my first manicure a few weeks ago and have started looking after my nails but they take forever to dry hard enough that I don't smudge them. I love the colours too.

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