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This is quite an unusual sort of post, for me, but an undoubtedly interesting one. As a sufferer of a number of chronic health conditions anything health related is intriguing and the idea of kits that test you from home are something that really caught my attention.

I was asked if I’d like to trial an Osentia home testing kit, which tests you for your risk of fragility fractures, a strong sign of osteoporosis. I’m not, as it happens, in the high risk category for osteoporosis; people’s bones begin to weaken in their mid 30’s and then risk increases as women reach the menopause. As such I was pretty sure that my test would give me the all clear, but considering there are so many things wrong with my body at the moment I thought it was a good chance in which to rule something else out!

The whole process is so simple that everything you need fits in this tiny box. The kit costs £39.99, from Superdrug, which, if you’re worried about possible risk of osteoporosis, isn’t a high cost for peace of mind.

Obviously for most people it’s not something you’d worry about, but if you do have chronich health issues, or a family history of the condition then maybe it has crossed your mind. And for those who’re a little older, who might be approaching menopause, this could give you real peace of mind if you are aware of the risks of osteroperosis.

I was amazed at how simple the kit was, I expected the box to be a lot bigger and the process to be a lot more complicated but I was pleasantly surprised that I was wrong.

The kit contains a little, seal able plastic bag (to put your nail clipping in), an information form in which they ask questions relating to your health and risk factors, a prepaid envelope and some instructions.

The instructions are really, really, simple and the process goes something like – Make sure your nails are clean and free of polish, take a clipping of at least 2mm depth and 5mm width (with a little picture to show you what that looks like in case you don’t have a ruler to hand), pop it in the plastic bag and seal it, put the above sticker in the bag, fill in the form and post. It really is That simple.

I was very, very relieved to get my results (in only a few days!) via email (you can pick email or post). I am glad to say that I am low risk of osteoporosis right now, I am a little above average but not much at all.

I think I’d be interested to do another of these tests in 10 years or so to see what my body has done by then. I find these things ever so interesting, I assume based on my experiences of various medical conditions.

It really is amazing to think that these things can be done from the home. It really makes you wonder what sort of things will be testable from home in the future – Will they be able to run blood tests on samples taken with a diabetes testing style lancet? Will they be able to test other things from nail, hair, saliva, urine etc. The list goes on.

If you are at all worried about your risks of Osteoporosis, or that of someone in your family or friends circles, then this coud be a real hit of security for you, it could make you feel so much less worried about things so it’s well worth a go if you have any concerns.

I, for one, am glad to say that there’s at least one more condition I can add to the list of things that definitely isn’t wrong right now!

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