Sunday, 27 November 2016

No advent calendar yet? Take a look at the Vintage Cosmetics Company 12 Days advent

It's getting a bit last minute but if you haven't found the right advent calendar for you, yet, then don't worry, all is not lost, there's still time. 

There's so many offerings out there that it can be really hard to pick what you want, especially when it comes to beauty calendars, there's just so many of them and so much variety. What if it is full of makeup shades that aren't for you? Or what if it's all skincare for oily skin and you have dry? Or, maybe, you've just not seen the right one yet. 

If that's the case then possibly the Vintage Cosmetics Company '12 Days to a beautiful Christmas' advent will work for you. This calendar has 12 doors, rather than 24, so if you don't have it by the 1st then it's ok, you don't have to start it for another couple of weeks! Plus, all of the items are  beauty tools, and accessories, so there's much less chance of something not suiting you, than with other advents.
You can pick the calendar up, still, from their website, here, and it's currently down to £45.50 rather than the previous £65, so you can grab yourself a bargain! 

Were I able to change one thing about beauty advent calendars it would be the fact that companies make the contents so public, and often print it on the back. I understand that people want to know that they are getting products they will like, but I really want a surprise. As such I am going to post a photo of the back of this calendar, but if you don't want to know what this contains then don't look!

If you are familiar with The Vintage Cosmetics Company, as I am, then the design of this won't come as a surprise - Both the pink and the duck egg blue shade are perfectly in keeping with the brand and make for a very chic, perfectly pretty calendar. 

I like how the salon set up is very in keeping with the beauty aspect, but it's still nice and Christmassy. 

As you'd expect with Vintage Cosmetics Company there's lots of lovely little added details in this advent calendar - Beneath the windows there's actual glitter in the snow and behind the windows there's rooms decorated ready for Christmas, it's lovely. 

The box, itself, is made with super thick cardboard which might not matter but, actually, with an advent calendar it does. I've opened one of the windows (simply for photographic purposes you understand) and it was actually really hard to open, you definitely won't find yourself accidentally pushing out a door whilst trying to open another one because these are so sturdy and strong. It's hardly a deal breaker but nice none the less.

Contents photo coming up!

It was impossible for me to do this post without finding out what's inside the advent, but never mind! As you can see there's such an amazing array of things in there and the value seems fantastic when you consider the calendar is currently £45.50. There's tools and accessories for almost anything you can think of from nails to hair, from lashes to makeup brushes and plenty more in between. 

I could have opened every door but you can see, above, what's going to be in there - If you want to see the items in more detail and if you want to know what comes in each day then pop over to my Instagram page, here. Rather than waiting until 12 days before Christmas I'm going to open a door from this on alternate days starting on the 1st of December and, then I'll post what I get on Instagram when I have 3 or 4 products. That way you can see them in more detail but also share in the excitement a little bit as I find out what order the products come in and see what they look like in reality. 

I'd love to know what advent calendar you have? And will you be doing photos to share pictures of what you get throughout December? I think I'll do a post to show what the boy's and I both got later in Decemeber, if anyone's interested - Oliver has a Little Land advent (thank you ELC 3 for 2!) and Ethan has a lego star wars one, so both of those should be lots of fun and I can't wait until they can start them.

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