Our October 2016 on Instagram, a look back

We’re on the final stretch, 2016 is coming to a close and my goodness it’s been quite the ‘blink and you miss it’ year. I do think having Oliver has caused that, in a big way, they seem to grow up so fast so, of course, that makes the year so fast. That and the fact that I’ve spent so much of the year waiting for this medical appointment, or that medical appointment, in some ways I’ve wished the year away and in others I’ve wanted it to slow down.

October was a nice month, though. No further forward with health stuff but progress in getting ready for Christmas, Oliver’s come on amazingly, Ethan’s seemed to have calmed down a lot and we’ve got possible progress with the house getting sorted. Lots of good for the future sort of things. Hopefully November will be more of the same, as well as some actual health answers too (please!).

I’ve, also, got some great blog posts to share with you over the coming weeks. Some lovely gift ideas, some nice reviews and I want to get my own feelings down a bit more too. So watch this space. If you want to keep in more regular touch, though, the place to go is Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/petitmoi_bigworld/ – I post daily and like to give little snippets of our lives over there. Lots of the kids, and just bits and bobs that make me smile.

As always, books figure in to every month because they are my constant when it comes to my use of my ‘me time’. I don’t get much ‘me time’ but when I can I love to read | Oliver’s personality has started to shine through more and more every day. He’s either hilariously funny, super chilled, or very angry, very few in betweens with this little guy. | A very lovely friend bought me flowers this month, such a lovely thing to do and it really brightened up my mood and our living room.

More Oliver, I mean what do you expect? The child is ever so photogenic. I do feel bad that Ethan doesn’t get in to my photos as much but he never sits still and always gets bouncy and daft in front of the camera, not easy to capture. I think in November I want more pics of Ethan. | I also started a big crochet blanket which is a Christmas present for someone in my family, this year (she already knows about it so if she sees this it’s ok).

Oliver has a new favourite blanket, it has sloths on it, I need say no more. | My bullet journal has continued to be massively important this month and I, now, manage to decorate most pages with super pretty washi tape. I have a bit of a problem with washi tape, my husband would say a lot of a problem. | Both boys looked rather fabulous for Halloween, I’m sure you’ll agree.

I hope you all had a good October and have an amazing November. Though if time could slow down so it feels like more than a week before I do my next update post, that’d be great. 

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