Sweet and gooey fun in a mug – ‘Pud in a mug’ by Dr Oetker

If you’ve not heard of mug cakes, yet, where have you been? I’ve been enjoying russling up a cake in the microwave for some time now, and my goodness aren’t they convenient? But, some days, even getting flour and butter out and having to measure stuff is five minutes too long (especially for spoonies!), so in come Dr Oetker with an even easier option. 

‘Pud in a Mug’ take convenince to a totally new level, giving you all of the dry ingredients you need in a sachet and all you need is milk, a mug and a minute or two in the microwave. I was asked if I’d try some out and was more than happy to say yes – I’ve been cutting out a lot of my sweet treats recently but I do still like to have a bit of cake from time to time and when you’re ill, and there’s no cake in the house, something like this is ideal. 
The range consists of three cakes and two velvety desserts. We were sent the lemon and the rich chocolate cake but I keep meaning to ask my Mum to pick up chocolate chip (the last flavour) as both Ethan and I want to give that a go. 
If you follow me on twitter you may have seen that the lemon flavour accompanied me during the Great British Bake Off final (the most cake worthy time ever), and it was really nice. It wasn’t a really strong lemon flavour but you definitely get a hint of lemon along side a sweet and moist cake. 
The rich chocolate flavour lives up to its name, and more. This one needed some cream or some icecream with it to help stop the chocolate from being too much, I really enjoyed it but next time I’ll either share it or pop a scoop of icecream in there too. I’d say it was a nicer flavour and texture than the lemon one, even though I needed a sip of water and a rest after eating it (though offer me another one and I won’t say no!). 
Ethan and I shared the milk chocolate velvety dessert just this afternoon and it was a pleasant surprise. When you first add the powder to the warm milk it seems just like a strong hot chocolate but when you heat it up a bit more it goes nice and thick and becomes a proper pudding texture. I am glad I shared with Ethan as it was super chocolatey but, again, very nice. 
Sorry for the less than perfect photo but I kept wanting them in the evenings! But I wanted to prove that we did eat them, honest!
We haven’t tried the dark chocolate one, yet, as I think it’ll be a bit strong for me, but I am thinking it might make a nice chocolate sauce to go with cake and icecream. So maybe that’s a plan for later this week. 
All in all these are fab. No they aren’t the same quality as a home made cake, or a store bought cake. But for something that just takes a splash of milk and a sachet of powder in the microwave they’re great. They are convenience at its best and I plan on always having a couple in the cupboard for cold and miserable days, or cheering up Ethan days or just days when a bit of cake will make things better. 
They are 79p a sachet from a variety of super markets (though I’ve already seen them on offer in Asda so worth keeping an eye out) and I think, next week, we’ll get the chocolate chip and maybe a few to put aside for Christmas as I think they’ll go nicely in pamper packs for friends and family, or maybe as a extra treat to pop in mug gifts (nice change from a sachet of hot chocolate!). 

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  1. Kim Carberry November 7, 2016 / 9:02 pm

    Ohh! I love the look of these. Making a normal mug cake with all the ingredients can be such a faff. These sound like a great idea x

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