Tam Beauty’s ‘I Heart Makeup’ new release – ‘I Heart Chocolate and Peaches’ eye shadow palette (with swatches)

I haven’t had any Tam beauty products to show you for a while so I was very excited when a surprise package arrived today! On my doorstep I discovered the ‘I Heart Chocolate and Peaches’ pallet by I <3 Makeup – I had no idea it was coming but am thrilled to be able to show you what shades are in there and how nicely they swatch.

The palette is from the chocolate range, which I’m sure you’ll recognise, so it has that distinctive melted chocolate bar packaging. No browns and cream tones this time, though, this one comes in a bright, vivid peach colour!

I can, hand on heart, say that this won’t be easily camouflaged in to my palette collection, haha. I do love the shade, it’s a pop of Summer fun in the cloudy Autumnal days.

Sorry for all the reflections in this shot but I wanted to show you the shade sheet. As you’d expect there’s lots of suitably foodie shade names.

And here’s the shades. There’s a nice mix between the more peachy and pinky fruity shades and the more neutral ‘chocolate’ shades. The shades lean towards the warmer tones, as you’d expect with a peach theme, so it’s worth keeping that in mind when you look at the palette.

And, with no more rambling, on to the swatches. From left to right we have: ‘Delicious’, ‘Fruit’, ‘Soft’, ‘Choc’ and ‘Delight’. The first of which is matte but the rest being either shimmers or having a sheen to them.

As always, a second shot to show the shimmers in another light – They’re all rather beautiful, as you can see, and with a nice amount of pigmentation. The far right shade, ‘Delight’ is one of those deceptive shades, in the pan is looks quite matte but, actually, it’s got a really lovely sheen rather than being a full on shimmer; it’s a very very dark chocolate shade so can either be blended out to give a dark sheen or if it’s more built up it’ll look more matte but with that hint of a shimmer to it.

This row, from left to right, is ‘Sweet’, ‘Candy’, ‘Rich’, ‘Peach’, ‘Taste’ and ‘Nice. Again mostly shimmers but ‘Peach’ being the only matte offering and ‘Nice’ being a matte black with some shimmer and sparkle.

That far left shade, as you can see, is super super shimmery, so would make a great highlight or really  brighten up an eye look. The most unusual shade, again, is the far right, but could I get it to photograph properly? Of course not.

It looks like a matte black with just a bit of glitter in it, but what the camera doesn’t want to show you is that it contains a really pretty peachy/pink shimmer in it that only shows up at certain angles. Didn’t matter what I did, though, the camera did not want to pick it up so you’ll have to take my word for it.

Lastly we have a row of all mattes, from Left to Right, ‘Lush’, ‘Fine’, ‘Luscious’, ‘Keen’ and ‘Satisfy’. All very warm toned, apart from the far right which is a nice creamy shade.

As always the shades are very pigmented. I’ve built them up a bit to show you the shades, but it didn’t take a lot to get to that level of colour saturation. I’m really impressed and can’t wait to try these out. I will struggle with some of them because my skin tone doesn’t work perfectly with warmer shades, but I’m sure I’ll be able to work something out.

The palette is £7.99 which, for 16 shades, is a really good bargain. And is a great addition to the chocolate palette range!

This post contains PR samples – See disclaimer here

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