The November Treatbox UK unboxing / Review – Shine Like a Star

It’s Treat Box time again, a box which I know a lot of you enjoy seeing the contents of. I’m, very regularly, recommending this box to people and when you see what’s in it, and what’s been in past boxes, I’m pretty sure you’ll see why.

The box is £12.99 for a one off box, or less if you subscribe, depending on how long for. I think I have a few months left of my subscription before I have to re-sub, I am already really looking forward to the December box but, for now, the November box is lovely.

This month’s theme is stars and sparkles – It’s a lovely fit for the month of November when you consider we have bonfire night coming up but, also, night draws in earlier and earlier at this time of years.

These are the two paper elements of the box, this month – I love the colours of the stars on the monthly page and the little poser is lovely. I may use it as part of a Christmas gift this year.

As you can see there’s no lacking in stars, or sparkles, in the contents of the box. The first thing I saw were the paper straws with glittery stars on, they are ever so cute and lots of fun. I am thinking they in milk shakes for the children.

I absolutely love the glittery star garland and I’m not sure, yet, if it’s going to be a permanent fixture on my bookcase or if I’ll save it for Christmas,  to be honest it works either way.

And who’s going to say no to some white chocolate sprinkle stars! I haven’t eaten them yet but the temptation has been great.

Next up we have two more star related items in the form of a set of wax melts by Simple Candle Company (who I have become a regular customer of since getting one of their wax tarts in a previous Treat Box) and a really pretty constellation design compact mirror.

There was six of these wax melts in the bag, in a delicious smelling caramel scent. And that’s what the mirror looks like, it’s really nice and very well made.

Lastly there was a tote bag with this beautiful design on it. I love the script and the star pattern and the bag is a really good size. I have lots of tote bags but who doesn’t need more; great for popping in you’re bag when you’re out shopping to use instead of a carrier bag.

And that’s the box. Amazingly everything was so so in keeping with the theme! I really like, and will use, everything in the box and I am totally counting down the days until the Christmas box as it’s last year’s Christmas box that I missed and made me wish I was signed up. 

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