The Simple Candle Company ‘Melts Monthly’ box for November 2016

I had meant to write about these Simple Candle Company ‘Melts Monthly’ boxes every month but the best laid plans often don’t come to fruition. That’s not a reflection on the boxes, though, they’ve been wonderful to the extent that I’ve ordered additional melts a good few times (oops!) and my collection is a little bit massive.

Anyway, the November box has been one of my favourites, yet, because there isn’t a single scent in there that I’m not excited about. Every single one of them made me happy, probably because there’s so many foody scents in there, I am a real lover of foody scents.

Sorry if the image looks a little off, I edited it on my phone for twitter and then lost the original so it’s been phone edited. Gives you an idea of how lovely the packaging is, though, and what scents I got.

You can, definitely, tell that this month’s box is very wintery and getting ready for Christmas, I love it!

A lot of these smell exactly as you’d expect, ‘Apple pie’, ‘Pear & Vanilla’, ‘Apple & Cinnamon’, ‘Candy Cane’, ‘Gingerbread’ are all pretty self explanatory and very true to their names – I have apple pie burning at the moment and it’s just lovely.

‘Fig & Vetiver’ is described as being a mix of green leaves, citrus and coconut (and my gosh it’s amazing, ‘Black Coffee’ is quite obvious but with the additional notes of rose, lavender, geranium and vanilla (and the combination really works). ‘Nutcracker’ is possibly one of my favourite new scents and is described as roasted chestnuts and walnuts with ginger, cinnamon and clove, it’s beautiful.

Lastly, but not least, is a fabulous little extra in the shape of 3 star shaped melts in a Christmas Pudding scent. Very warm and spicy smelling and lovely to get an extra in the box.

The boxes are £10 a month, with free postage, and the melts smell amazing. They last for ages and ages and the scents are strong and easily fill and refresh a room and more. I will, definitely, try to remember to post the December box, promise!

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